Graphic training aids

Graphic training aids

Training aids assist during the conduct of training and the process of learning.

Current Training Aids come in different forms such as: Models, Displays, Slides, Books, Pictures and Media presentations.

An early example of Training Aids is dated back to the Roman Empire. During that time wooden swords were used for combat training.

During the World War II Graphic Training Aids were in high demand. Large quantities of young men were recruited which demanded a higher rate of training. Large replica of an M1 Garand rifle would be presented in front of class, during which the trainer used it as a reference during his presentation. Printed media was also used in a form of exploded diagrams which depicted various parts of rifles.

A curious form of a Graphic Training Aids was used during the Vietnam war, it was in a form of a comic book. The Graphic Training Aid, called M16A1 Operation and Preventive Maintenance, explained the proper maintenance of an M16 rifle and was highly effective since it was targeted at the young infantry men.

U.S army Graphic Training Aids, Field Manuals and other training media are produced by organizations such as TRADOC, ATSC, G3 and TASC.

Other forms of Graphic Training Aids exist as well. The vast majority of Training Aids exist for non-military training such as safety training and work training. Such guides are produced by the U.S Department of Labour Occupation Safety & Health Administration


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