Granny (Beverly Hillbillies character)

List of The Beverly Hillbillies episodes

From September 1962 to March 1971 274 episodes of The Beverly Hillbillies aired on CBS.

Season 1: 1962-1963

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Title Overview
1 September 26, 1962 1-1 "The Clampetts Strike Oil" A rural Ozark family relocates to Beverly Hills after oil is discovered on their property worth $25 million. After finding oil on the land, the family is surprised when Mr. Brewster of the OK Oil Company offers to buy it. After much coaxing by Cousin Pearl, Jed sells the swamp and moves the family to a mansion in Beverly Hills. Upon their arrival, they are arrested because of a case of mistaken identity but are later returned to the mansion safely.
2 October 3, 1962 1-2 "Getting Settled" The rough-hewn Clampetts are mistaken for servants as they try to adapt to their new environment.
3 October 10, 1962 1-3 "Meanwhile, Back at the Cabin" Jane Hathaway finds that making the Clampetts more sophisticated will be harder than expected, while Pearl Bodine tries to get the attention of Mr. Brewster.
4 October 17, 1962 1-4 "The Clampetts Meet Mrs. Drysdale" Mr. Drysdale tries furiously to make the Clampetts more acceptable to his socially-conscious wife.
5 October 24, 1962 1-5 "Jed Buys Stock" Upon Mr. Drysdale's advice to buy good stock, Jed purchases cows, pigs, and chickens to raise.
6 October 31, 1962 1-6 "Trick or Treat" The homesick Clampetts decide to go door-to-door meeting their Beverly Hills neighbors, not knowing it is Halloween.
7 November 7, 1962 1-7 "The Servants" Yet another Drysdale attempt to "reform" the Clampetts goes awry when he tries to loan his servants to the hard-working family.
8 November 14, 1962 1-8 "Jethro Goes to School" The headmistress of an exclusive private school for boys is astonished to find the teenaged Jethro enrolled in her fifth grade.
9 November 21, 1962 1-9 "Elly's First Date" Misunderstandings abound as the spoiled college student Sonny Drysdale attempts to woo Elly May, only to flee to his mother in the end. Louis Nye guests as Sonny Drysdale.
10 November 28, 1962 1-10 "Pygmalion and Elly" Sonny resumes his high-class courtship of Elly May, by playing Julius Caesar and Pygmalion.
11 December 5, 1962 1-11 "Elly Races Jethrine" The Clampetts try to get Sonny to propose to Elly May, as Cousin Pearl steps up her efforts to get Jasper Depew to marry her daughter Jethrine.
12 December 12, 1962 1-12 "The Great Feud" The Clampett clan takes great offense when Sonny Drysdale jilts Elly May, and they start a feud with the Drysdales to avenge their kinfolk's honor.
13 December 19, 1962 1-13 "Home for Christmas" The Clampetts return home to the hills to celebrate Christmas, where Cousin Pearl is still trying to win Mr. Brewster's hand in marriage.
14 December 26, 1962 1-14 "No Place Like Home" Back in the hills, the Clampetts aid Cousin Pearl in her efforts to "get hitched" to Brewster.
15 January 2, 1963 1-15 "Jed Rescues Pearl" Jed and Mr. Brewster contrive to end Cousin Pearl's pursuit of the oil man with his public surprise proposal.
16 January 9, 1963 1-16 "Back to Californy" Upon returning to Beverly Hills, Jed finds that Granny and Pearl sparring over who is the "woman of the house".
17 January 16, 1963 1-17 "Jed's Dilemma" As the Granny-Pearl feud continues, Jed tries to calm things down by taking a sightseeing tour of Beverly Hills.
18 January 23, 1963 1-18 "Jed Saves Drysdale's Marriage" When his wife is away, Mr. Drysdale requests a female member of the Clampett family to perform housekeeping duties for him.
19 January 30, 1963 1-19 "Elly's Animals" Many animals and even the police respond to the unique sounds from Pearl's yodeling lessons.
20 February 6, 1963 1-20 "Jed Throws a Wingding" A misunderstanding over the word "engagement" sends Cousin Pearl into a quandary as she tries to dissuade bluegrass stars Lester Flatt and Earl Scruggs from wanting to marry her.
21 February 13, 1963 1-21 "Jed Plays Solomon" Granny calls the police in an attempt to stop Pearl's incessant yodeling, but her plan backfires when the officers discover her still.
22 February 20, 1963 1-22 "Duke Steals a Wife" Duke, the Clampetts' bloodhound, uses his animal magnetism to draw Jed and a Frenchwoman together.
23 February 27, 1963 1-23 "Jed Buys the Freeway" A conman gives Jed a "bargain" when he offers to sell Griffith Park, the Hollywood Bowl, and the freeway to the millionaire.
24 March 6, 1963 1-24 "Jed Becomes a Banker" When a rival bank challenges his to a skeet shoot, Mr. Drysdale has no choice but to enlist the sharpshooting skills of Jed by making him a bank vice president.
25 March 13, 1963 1-25 "The Family Tree" A prominent genealogist finds evidence that Jed's ancestors came to America prior to the arrival of the Mayflower.
26 March 20, 1963 1-26 "Jed Cuts the Family Tree" After much excitement about the family entering the "high society life", Jed lies to the genealogist to get things back to normal.
27 March 27, 1963 1-27 "Granny's Spring Tonic" A secretary at the bank becomes a gold-digger after Jed's fortune.
28 April 3, 1963 1-28 "Jed Pays His Income Tax" Jed and Granny are suspicious of a tax collector from the IRS.
29 April 10, 1963 1-29 "The Clampetts and the Dodgers" After playing golf with Jethro, Los Angeles Dodgers manager Leo Durocher wants to sign him as a pitcher.
30 April 17, 1963 1-30 "Duke Becomes a Father" Duke and Jed become reacquainted with their French lady friends.
31 April 24, 1963 1-31 "The Clampetts Entertain" After securing the Clampett account, Mr. Drysdale is in line for a pay raise.
32 May 1, 1963 1-32 "The Clampetts in Court" It's a case of one man's word against another as the Clampetts are accused of reckless driving in court.
33 May 8, 1963 1-33 "The Clampetts Get Psychoanalyzed" A psychiatrist may have bitten off more than he can chew when he starts treating Jethro.
34 May 15, 1963 1-34 "The Psychiatrist Gets Clampetted" The psychiatrist shows great interest in Granny's home remedies for various ailments.
35 May 22, 1963 1-35 "Elly Becomes a Secretary" Believing he needs their help, the Clampetts volunteer to work at Mr. Drysdale's bank.
36 May 29, 1963 1-36 "Jethro's Friend" Jethro's friend Armstrong enjoys the less rigid lifestyle he encounters during a visit to the Clampett mansion.

Season 2: 1963-1964

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Title Overview
37 September 25, 1963 2-1 "Jed Gets the Misery" Granny's mountain medicine is put to the test by a city doctor.
38 October 2, 1963 2-2 "Hair-Raising Holiday" Granny's unlicenced medical practice draws the attention of the authorities.
39 October 9, 1963 2-3 "Granny's Garden" The Clampetts decide to plow up their carefully-manicured front lawn, to grow vegetables.
40 October 16, 1963 2-4 "Elly Starts to School" Miss Hathaway's worry that Elly May won't fit in at a private school proves to be premature.
41 October 23, 1963 2-5 "The Clampett Look" The Clampetts unwittingly become the pioneers of a fashion style that everybody who's everybody is wearing.
42 October 30, 1963 2-6 "Jethro's First Love" Jethro develops feelings for an exotic dancer named Chickadee, and brings her home to meet the folks.
43 November 6, 1963 2-7 "Chickadee Returns" As marriage seemingly draws nearer, Jethro discovers a deal-breaking secret about Chickadee: she can't cook.
44 November 13, 1963 2-8 "The Clampetts Are Overdrawn" An unemployed actor named J.D. Clampett benefits from a paperwork mixup at the bank, becoming $36 million richer.
45 November 20, 1963 2-9 "The Clampetts Go Hollywood" Newly-discovered "cousin" Jake Clampett decides that the hillbillies should act more like Hollywood movie stars.
46 November 27, 1963 2-10 "Turkey Day" Jed and Granny want to have some turkey for Thanksgiving, but Elly May has other ideas.
47 December 4, 1963 2-11 "The Garden Party" The guests at Mrs. Drysdale's garden party get a surprise when the Clampetts show up.
48 December 11, 1963 2-12 "Elly Needs a Maw" Jed begins searching for a wife, who he hopes will be able to turn Elly May into a young lady.
49 December 18, 1963 2-13 "The Clampetts Get Culture" Mr. Drysdale's efforts to prove to the Clampetts that Beverly Hills is really the place for them to be only makes matters worse.
50 December 25, 1963 2-14 "Christmas at the Clampetts" A television, a boat, and a chimpanzee are among the many gifts Mr. Drysdale gives to the Clampetts for Christmas.
51 January 1, 1964 2-15 "A Man for Elly" Granny's television idol, Western actor Quirt Manly, is revealed to be less than expected when he visits the mansion.
52 January 8, 1964 2-16 "The Giant Jackrabbit" An escaped kangaroo reported by Granny as an oversized jackrabbit leads the others to suspect she has had too much moonshine.
53 January 15, 1964 2-17 "The Girl from Home" Some old love letters from Jethro lead a mountain man and his daughter to Beverly Hills.
54 January 22, 1964 2-18 "Lafe Lingers On" A freeloader from back home takes advantage of Jed's charity.
55 February 5, 1964 2-19 "The Race for Queen" Elly May enters a Beverly Hills beauty pageant, but may have to face competition from Granny.
56 February 12, 1964 2-20 "Lafe Returns" A mild-mannered accountant and a jailbird from the hills both attempt to win Elly May's heart.
57 February 19, 1964 2-21 "Son of Lafe Returns" Granny sets a trap to interfere with one of Elly May's suitor's plans.
58 February 26, 1964 2-22 "The Clampetts Go Fishing" Granny's fear of boats only temporarily thwarts Mr. Drysdale's plan to take the Clampetts fishing, until he decides to take them to Marineland instead.
59 March 11, 1964 2-23 "The Critter Doctor" Granny mistakes a bug repellent salesman for a veterinarian.
60 March 18, 1964 2-24 "A Bride for Jed" Flatt and Scruggs try to find a city woman for Jed the same way they found theirs: auditions for backup singers.
61 March 25, 1964 2-25 "Granny Versus the Weather Bureau" The accuracy of Granny's weather-prediction methods convince even the head of the Weather Bureau.
62 April 1, 1964 2-26 "Another Neighbor" Countess Maria moves to town, and instantly becomes a fan of both Granny's spring tonic and Jed.
63 April 8, 1964 2-27 "The Bank Raising" Jed is mistaken for a financial wizard by some investors, and then feels he has to build a new bank building all by himself.
64 April 15, 1964 2-28 "The Great Crawdad Hunt" Two men feel they have discovered a family of geniuses in the Clampetts.
65 April 22, 1964 2-29 "The Dress Shop" The Clampetts come to own a dress shop, and try to raise money to feed the designer and her "starving" models.
66 April 29, 1964 2-30 "The House of Granny" The Clampetts transform their boutique into a general store.
67 May 6, 1964 2-31 "The Continental Touch" After efforts to teach her to cook come to naught, the Clampetts have some success in making over Elly May's looks.
68 May 13, 1964 2-32 "Jed, Incorporated" The Clampetts set up shop running their tax write-off corporation.
69 May 20, 1964 2-33 "Granny Learns to Drive" A bad experience with a cabdriver makes Granny want to drive herself around.
70 May 27, 1964 2-34 "Cabin in Beverly Hills" The Clampett cabin is reassembled in the mansion's back yard for homesick Granny's benefit.
71 June 3, 1964 2-35 "Jed Foils a Home Wrecker" Mrs. Drysdale's attempt to get the cabin demolished meets stiff resistance from the Clampetts and Mr. Drysdale.
72 June 10, 1964 2-36 "Jethro's Graduation" A chimpanzee takes Jethro's place in his sixth grade graduation ceremony, impressing visiting dignitaries.

Season 3: 1964-1965

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Title Overview
73 September 23, 1964 3-1 "Jed Becomes A Movie Mogul" Jed purchases a movie studio, leading him to meet many stars and Elly May to try her hand on the silver screen.
74 September 30, 1964 3-2 "Clampett City" The Western set on the backlot of their movie studio provides the Clampetts with a taste of home.
75 October 7, 1964 3-3 "Clampett City General Store" As the Clampetts open the "general store" on their Western set to customers, Jethro, Elly May, and Granny are cast in a picture about Nero and Cleopatra.
76 October 14, 1964 3-4 "Hedda Hopper's Hollywood" Famed Hollywood gossip columnist Hedda Hopper urges Jed not to allow the historic movie studio to be torn down, but changes her mind when she sees the film the Clampetts have made there.
77 October 21, 1964 3-5 "Doctor Jed Clampett" Jed receives an honorary doctorate, but the family thinks he now has the power to heal.
78 October 28, 1964 3-6 "Jed the Heartbreaker" Mrs. Drysdale decides to use her womanly charms on Jed, in an effort to scare the Clampetts back to the hills.
79 November 4, 1964 3-7 "Back to Marineland" After being turned down in his aspiration to be a "double naught spy", Jethro decides to join the Marines by getting a job at Marineworld.
80 November 11, 1964 3-8 "Teenage Idol" Teen singing sensation Johnny Poke visits the Clampetts.
81 November 18, 1964 3-9 "The Widow Poke Arrives" Granny tries to play matchmaker between Jed and the Widow Poke from back home, but the two turn the tables on her.
82 November 25, 1964 3-10 "The Ballet" Mrs. Drysdale convinces Jed to help support the Beverly Hills Ballet Company.
83 December 9, 1964 3-11 "The Boarder" The Clampetts decide to turn their spacious mansion into a boarding house, and confuse the butler that Mr. Drysdale hired for them as their first guest.
84 December 16, 1964 3-12 "The Boarder Stays" The butler is put on trial by the Clampetts after running out without paying his room and board.
85 December 30, 1964 3-13 "Start the New Year Right" The Clampetts try to make Mrs. Drysdale comfortable in her hospital room.
86 January 6, 1965 3-14 "Clampett General Hospital" The Clampetts take Mrs. Drysdale to their home, wanting her to be better cared-for.
87 January 13, 1965 3-15 "The Movie Starlet" A young actress becomes interested in Jethro when she finds his uncle owns a movie studio.
88 January 20, 1965 3-16 "Elly in the Movies" Elly May gets a role in a movie, as well as the admiration of co-star Dash Riprock.
89 January 27, 1965 3-17 "Dash Riprock, You Cad" The Clampetts try to figure out why the movie stars go for Miss Hathaway rather than Elly May
90 February 3, 1965 3-18 "Clampett A-Go-Go" Beatnik Sheldon Epps wrecks his car in front of the mansion, and the Clampetts take care of his apparent injuries.
91 February 17, 1965 3-19 "Granny's Romance" Jed and Granny go on a double date, with different levels of enjoyment.
92 February 24, 1965 3-20 "Jed's Temptation" Granny lectures Jed and his young lady friend on the evils of gambling.
93 March 3, 1965 3-21 "Double Naught Jethro" Jethro reignites his passion to become a "double naught spy", while Elly May enters a beauty pageant.
94 March 10, 1965 3-22 "Clampett's Millions" A rival banker woos Granny to get the Clampett account in his bank.
95 March 17, 1965 3-23 "Drysdale's Dog Days" Granny's anger at Mr. Drysdale continues when she wants to withdraw her eleven million dollars again.
96 March 24, 1965 3-24 "Brewster's Honeymoon" The Clampetts generously offer Mr. Brewster and his new bride the honor of staying in their old cabin for the honeymoon.
97 March 31, 1965 3-25 "Flatt, Clampett, and Scruggs" Flatt and Scruggs arrive just in time to lend a hand with several problems the Clampetts are having.
98 April 14, 1965 3-26 "Jed and the Countess" Countess Maria returns for some of Granny's spring tonic.
99 April 21, 1965 3-27 "Big Daddy, Jed" A group of beatniks hopes Jed will help them out with some "bread" so they can keep their "pad".
100 April 28, 1965 3-28 "Cool School is Out" Elly May and Jethro join the beatniks, but Jed gets worried when Granny starts to act like them.
101 May 5, 1965 3-29 "The Big Bank Battle" Mr. Drysdale tries to get the Clampetts involved in a hobby to keep them out of mischief.
102 May 12, 1965 3-30 "The Clampetts Versus Automation" The Clampetts befriend a bank accountant who is being replaced by a computer.
103 May 26, 1965 3-31 "Luke's Boy" Jethro and his friend Beau Short decided to become "sophisticated international playboys".
104 June 2, 1965 3-32 "The Brewsters Return" The Clampetts build a home in Beverly Hills for the Brewsters: a log cabin.
105 June 9, 1965 3-33 "Jed, the Bachelor" Granny visits Las Vegas and has quite a story to tell.
106 June 16, 1965 3-34 "The Art Center" Mrs. Drysdale convinces the Clampetts to donate their home as an art museum, so they get to work sculpting and painting masterpieces for display.

Season 4: 1965-1966

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Title Overview
107 September 15, 1965 4-1 "Admiral Jed Clampett" Granny's fear of sharks makes her reluctant to go yachting with the rest of the family.
108 September 23, 1965 4-2 "That Old Black Magic" Granny thinks her study of astrology has turned Mrs. Drysdale into a bird.
109 September 30, 1965 4-3 "The Sheik" Jethro appreciates Arabic culture when Jed's new oil partner, a sheik, arrives with his harem.
110 October 6, 1965 4-4 "The Private Eye" Jethro's attempt to become a "double naught spy" unwittingly leads him to foil a bank robbery.
111 October 13, 1965 4-5 "Possum Day" Mr. Drysdale tries to get the city of Beverly Hills to celebrate Possum Day in order to keep the Clampetts from returning home.
112 October 20, 1965 4-6 "The Possum Day Parade" Granny campaigns dirty against Mrs. Drysdale for the title of Possum Queen.
113 October 27, 1965 4-7 "The Clampetts Play the Rams" Jethro's date, Mr. Drysdale's maid, is more interested in watching his color television than in him.
114 November 3, 1965 4-8 "The Courtship of Elly" Granny's love potion for Elly May affects Miss Jane's boyfriend.
115 November 10, 1965 4-9 "A Real Nice Neighbor" Mr. Drysdale and Granny try to set Jed up with the new neighbor, but they get her maid instead.
116 November 17, 1965 4-10 "The Poor Farmer" Jed mistakes a billionaire for a poor farmer, but admires the man's unwillingness to accept Jed's charity.
117 November 24, 1965 4-11 "Hoe Down a-Go-Go" The Clampetts host a party so Jethro and Elly May can get more friends their age.
118 December 1, 1965 4-12 "Mrs. Drysdale's Father" Mrs. Drysdale's father feels he can take advantage of the hillbillies' lack of guile in a game of poker.
119 December 8, 1965 4-13 "Mr. Farquhar Stays On" Mrs. Drysdale's father wants Granny to go to Las Vegas with him.
120 December 15, 1965 4-14 "Military School" Jethro's new life ambition is to become a five-star General.
121 December 29, 1965 4-15 "The Common Cold" Granny opens up her own doctor's office after making a batch of her cure for the common cold.
122 January 5, 1966 4-16 "The Richest Woman" The world's richest woman tries to convince the Clampetts to sell her their mansion.
123 January 12, 1966 4-17 "The Trotting Horse" Mr. Drysdale gives the Clampetts a racing horse, which Granny uses to ride to the grocery store and back.
124 January 19, 1966 4-18 "The Buggy" Granny buys a buggy for herself and a horse and buggy for Mrs. Drysdale, so the two women can have races.
125 January 26, 1966 4-19 "The Cat Burglar" All of Beverly Hills is alarmed by the presence of a cat burglar, and the Clampetts are prime targets.
126 February 2, 1966 4-20 "The Big Chicken" Granny sees an ostrich and thinks her growing potion has made a giant chicken, and tries to keep it a secret.
127 February 9, 1966 4-21 "Sonny Drysdale Returns" Granny's prediction that Elly May will soon get married seemingly comes true when Sonny Drysdale shows up and proposes.
128 February 16, 1966 4-22 "Brewster's Baby" Granny hopes to deliver the Brewster's baby, not knowing it is adopted.
129 February 23, 1966 4-23 "The Great Jethro" Jethro wants to become a magician after meeting Marvo the Magnificent.
130 March 2, 1966 4-24 "The Old Folks Home" Granny overworks herself at spring cleaning the mansion, leading her to fear being put in an old folks' home.
131 March 16, 1966 4-25 "Flatt and Scruggs Return" Lester Flatt's wife dreams of being a singer, but Granny won't let her get away from cooking lessons.
132 March 23, 1966 4-26 "The Folk Singers" Jethro and Miss Jane team up for a career in folk music.
133 March 30, 1966 4-27 "The Beautiful Maid" A Swedish actress tries to learn the Clampetts' way of life.
134 April 6, 1966 4-28 "Jethro's Pad" After finding some of Mr. Drysdale's old magazines, Jethro gets a trailer and turns it into a bachelor's pad.
135 April 13, 1966 4-29 "The Bird Watchers" Miss Jane's date with a birdwatcher inspires Mr. Drysdale to get Dash Riprock to go out with Elly May
136 April 20, 1966 4-30 "Jethro Gets Engaged" Jethro becomes Dash Riprock's stunt double, gaining the attention of a young actress as well as burned skin.
137 April 27, 1966 4-31 "Granny Tonics a Birdwatcher" Granny's spring tonic is used to get Elly May and Miss Jane's respective suitors to propose.
138 May 18, 1966 4-32 "Jethro Goes to College" Jethro attends a secretarial college to get his mind off of girls, while Elly May attends a College of Judo and Karate.

Season 5: 1966-1967

# Airdate Prod.
Title Overview
139 September 14, 1966 5-1 "The Party Line" Granny and Jethro return from visiting the hills with an old-fashioned telephone to communicate with home.
140 September 21, 1966 5-2 "The Soup Contest" In an attempt to attract suitors for Elly May, Granny enters some of her own soup in a contest under the girl's name.
141 September 28, 1966 5-3 "Jethro Takes Love Lessons" Despite getting advice from an expert, Jethro remains unlucky at romance.
142 October 5, 1966 5-4 "The Badger Game" A young girl posing as an acquaintance from back home tries to blackmail Jed with some compromising photographs.
143 October 12, 1966 5-5 "The Badgers Return" A pair of con artists use the Clampett's unwitting assistance to try to blackmail Mr. Drysdale.
144 October 19, 1966 5-6 "The Gorilla" After the Clampetts request a gorilla to help out with housework, Mr. Drysdale hires a man in a costume to change their minds.
145 October 26, 1966 5-7 "Come Back, Little Herby" The man in the gorilla costume takes advantage of the Clampett's lifestyle when he's supposed to be working.
146 November 2, 1966 5-8 "Jed in Politics" The government tells Granny to stop making her lye soap because it is causing smog, so Jed decides to run for the office of Smog Commissioner.
147 November 9, 1966 5-9 "Clampett Cha Cha Cha" The Clampetts win free dancing lessons from some unlucky dance instructors.
148 November 16, 1966 5-10 "Jed Joins the Board" Jed joins the board of the OK Oil Company, and uses the company's airplane to start an airline service with Jethro as the pilot.
149 November 23, 1966 5-11 "Granny Lives It Up" Granny is on a date with two men at the same time, in different rooms of the mansion.
150 November 30, 1966 5-12 "The Gloria Swanson Story" The Clampetts help save movie star Gloria Swanson from having her home demolished.
151 December 7, 1966 5-13 "The Woodchucks" Jethro attempts to impress a group of female Bird Watchers by joining the Wood Chucks organization.
152 December 14, 1966 5-14 "Foggy Mountain Soap" Jed and Granny star in a commercial for Foggy Mountain Soap, with Jethro as the director.
153 December 21, 1966 5-15 "The Christmas Present" The Clampetts decide to get into the Christmas spirit by doing something nice for Mrs. Drysdale.
154 December 28, 1966 5-16 "The Flying Saucer" Mr. Drysdale has a great idea for a bank promotion: a flying saucer to swoop down over the Rose Bowl throwing out "Drysdale Dollars".
155 January 4, 1967 5-17 "The Mayor of Bug Tussle" The Mayor of the Clampetts' hometown arrives needing money to cover up his misuse of city funds.
156 January 11, 1967 5-18 "Granny Retires" Before Granny gives up her medicine practice, she trains a city doctor in the ways of mountain medicine.
157 January 18, 1967 5-19 "The Clampett Curse" The Clampetts give all their money away, and feel relieved of the burden.
158 February 1, 1967 5-20 "The Indians Are Coming" A minor boundary dispute between an Indian tribe and Jed is blown out of proportion by Granny, who expects to be scalped by the "red devils". John Wayne guest-stars as himself in a cameo.
159 February 8, 1967 5-21 "The Marriage Machine" After Granny's love potion is a failure, the Clampetts decide to use a computer dating service to find matches.
160 February 15, 1967 5-22 "Elly Comes Out" The Clampetts try once again to get a suitor for Elly May by holding a "coming out" party for her.
161 February 22, 1967 5-23 "The Matador" After seeing a matador with lots of female admirers, Jethro decides to become a bullfighter.
162 March 1, 1967 5-24 "The Gypsy's Warning" Mrs. Drysdale hires some Gypsies to scare the Clampetts away, and Granny thinks they want to steal her "baby boy" Jethro.
163 March 8, 1967 5-25 "His Royal Highness" Mr. Drysdale tries to get Elly May engaged to a king.
164 March 15, 1967 5-26 "Super Hawg" Granny wants to buy a hippopotamus from Mr. Drysdale, thinking it is a giant hog.
165 March 22, 1967 5-27 "The Doctors" Granny clashes with a city doctor over her unorthodox treatments.
166 March 29, 1967 5-28 "Delovely and Scruggs" Lester Flatt's wife has a successful screen test to be an actress, but she must endure three days in the Clampett's cabin.
167 April 12, 1967 5-29 "The Little Monster" Elly May has to take care of Mr. Drysdale's 11 year old nephew, Little Milby.
168 April 19, 1967 5-30 "The Dahlia Feud" Granny thinks Mrs. Drysdale has hired a hit man to kill the Clampetts.

Season 6: 1967-1968

# Airdate Prod.
Title Overview
169 September 6, 1967 6-1 "Jed Inherits a Castle" Jed inherits a castle in England from a distant relative, and Jethro proceeds to prepare them for their journey across the pond.
170 September 13, 1967 6-2 "The Clampetts in London" The Clampetts arrive in London, but Granny's medicinal supplies are confiscated by customs.
171 September 20, 1967 6-3 "Clampett Castle" Finally at the castle, Granny believes that a dog has eaten Jed's cousin, while Jethro starts fulfilling his duty as a knight in shining armor.
172 September 27, 1967 6-4 "Robin Hood of Griffith Park" After returning to Beverly Hills, Jethro and Elly May start a band of Robin Hood's merry men.
173 October 4, 1967 6-5 "Robin Hood and the Sheriff" Jethro's band of merry men gets larger with an influx of hippies while Jed and Granny worry about their whereabouts.
174 October 11, 1967 6-6 "Greetings From the President" While Granny and Elly May visit the folks back in the hills, Jethro receives a draft notice.
175 October 18, 1967 6-7 "The Army Game" An Army psychologist thinks Jethro is pretending to be crazy to avoid military service.
176 October 25, 1967 6-8 "Mr. Universe Muscles In" Mr. Drysdale sets Elly May up with Mr. Universe.
177 November 1, 1967 6-9 "A Plot for Granny" Jed's plan to buy Granny some land out in the country backfires when he mistakenly purchases a cemetery plot.
178 November 8, 1967 6-10 "The Social Climbers" Jed is aggressively courted by a young socialite widow from back in the hills.
179 November 15, 1967 6-11 "Jethro's Military Career" Jed thinks Granny has had too much moonshine when she mistakes Jethro in a frogman suit for a sea monster.
180 November 22, 1967 6-12 "The Reserve Program" Jethro mistakes a movie set as being the planning stages of a second Civil War, and runs home to warn Granny.
181 November 29, 1967 6-13 "The South Rises Again" Granny, Elly May, and Jethro take the fight to the enemy and rout the "Yankee invaders".
182 December 6, 1967 6-14 "Jethro in the Reserve" Granny nurses "General Grant" back to health while Jethro enlists in the Reserves.
183 December 13, 1967 6-15 "Cimarron Drip" Jethro believes he is wanted to be the co-star in a television series, only to find out they want Elly May's pet monkey instead.
184 December 20, 1967 6-16 "Corn Pone Picassos" The Clampetts try to help Mrs. Drysdale out by creating art to enter in a contest for her.
185 December 27, 1967 6-17 "The Clampetts Play Cupid" Granny tries to get actor Dash Riprock uninterested in Elly May and more interested in Miss Hathaway.
186 January 3, 1968 6-18 "The Housekeeper" Mr. Drysdale hires a housekeeper for the Clampetts, one who is uninterested in doing housework.
187 January 10, 1968 6-19 "The Diner" Jethro enters the business world by opening a diner, "The Happy Gizzard", but has no luck with customers.
188 January 17, 1968 6-20 "Topless Anyone?" Jethro has an idea to improve business at the diner, topless waitresses, but doesn't quite know what that means.
189 January 24, 1968 6-21 "The Great Snow" Granny misses the snowy weather, so Mr. Drysdale spares no expense to put on a fake blizzard at the Clampett mansion to keep her in Beverly Hills.
190 January 31, 1968 6-22 "The Rass'lin' Clampetts" Granny watches wrestling on television, and believing the story lines, she decides to take on the "bully" of the program.
191 February 7, 1968 6-23 "The Great Tag-Team Match" Granny takes on an entire family of wrestling bullies single-handedly.
192 February 21, 1968 6-24 "Jethro Proposes" Jethro proposes to Miss Hathaway, sure she will refuse, but is in a pickle when she accepts.
193 February 28, 1968 6-25 "The Clampetts Fiddle Around" Jethro wants to take up violin lessons as a means of attracting women.
194 March 6, 1968 6-26 "The Soap Opera" The Clampetts confuse a medical soap opera for real life.
195 March 13, 1968 6-27 "Dog Days" Granny gets fed up with the hassle of having so many animals around the place, and issues an ultimatum: either they go, or she goes.
196 March 20, 1968 6-28 "The Crystal Gazers" Granny feels she has the power to predict the future.
197 March 27, 1968 6-29 "From Rags to Riches" Mr. Drysdale films a commercial starring the Clampetts as hillbillies who were raised from poverty by his bank.
198 April 3, 1968 6-30 "Cousin Roy" A guy from back home arrives in Beverly Hills to sell his mother's (worthless) medicine, much to Granny's dismay. Roy Clark guest stars as "Cousin Roy".

Season 7: 1968-1969

# Airdate Prod.
Title Overview
199 September 25, 1968 7-1 "A Bundle for Britain" The Clampetts feel that their eighty million dollars in the bank is a burden to Mr. Drysdale, so they decide to relieve him by giving it to the Queen of England.
200 October 2, 1968 7-2 "Something for the Queen" After flying to England and their castle, Granny decides the clan should reignite a year-old feud with the neighboring castle.
201 October 9, 1968 7-3 "War of the Roses" Jethro determines that a joust is the best way to end the dispute between the neighboring castles.
202 October 16, 1968 7-4 "Coming Through the Rye" The Clampetts see a man in a kilt and believe Jethro has confused him for a young lady.
203 October 23, 1968 7-5 "Ghost of Clampett Castle" Mr. Drysdale dresses like a ghost, hoping to scare the Clampetts into returning the Beverly Hills.
204 October 30, 1968 7-6 "Granny Goes to Hooterville" Granny goes back to the hills to take care of a newborn baby.
205 November 6, 1968 7-7 "The Italian Cook" With Granny gone and Elly May's cooking skills nonexistent, Jed hires a cook who only speaks Italian.
206 November 13, 1968 7-8 "The Great Cook-Off" Granny tries to get rid of the Italian cook, but love-struck Jethro has other ideas.
207 November 20, 1968 7-9 "Bonnie, Flatt, and Scruggs" Jethro and Elly May dress as Bonnie and Clyde to pull a trick on Mr. Drysdale at the bank.
208 November 27, 1968 7-10 "The Thanksgiving Story" The Clampetts visit Hooterville to celebrate Thanksgiving with the inhabitants.
209 December 4, 1968 7-11 "The Courtship of Homer Noodleman" Mr. Drysdale gets Hollywood actor Dash Riprock to play a homespun country boy to woo Elly May
210 December 11, 1968 7-12 "The Hot-Rod Truck" After Jethro buys a new car, Granny uses the truck to race him, to see which auto is superior.
211 December 18, 1968 7-13 "The Week Before Christmas" Elly May's bear eats Granny's letter from Hooterville, while Mr. Drysdale refuses to give the bank employees Christmas off.
212 December 25, 1968 7-14 "Christmas in Hooterville" The Clampetts celebrate Christmas in Hooterville.
213 January 1, 1969 7-15 "Drysdale and Friend" Mr. Drysdale is arrested in a small town and the Clampetts have to come to his rescue.
214 January 8, 1969 7-16 "Problem Bear" Elly May's bear takes up the bad habit of drinking Granny's moonshine.
215 January 22, 1969 7-17 "Jethro the Flesh Peddler" Jethro gets a job as a talent agent, but refuses to represent old friend "Cousin Roy".
216 January 29, 1969 7-18 "Cousin Roy in Movieland" Jethro finally is willing to represent Cousin Roy, but first he wants to remake the singer's image.
217 February 5, 1969 7-19 "Jed Clampett Enterprises" Jed and Granny get an office in Mr. Drysdale's bank building, and the miserly banker decides to save money by having his employees get their healthcare from Granny.
218 February 12, 1969 7-20 "The Phantom Fifth Floor" A building inspector becomes suspicious about what is going on in the Clampetts' offices on the fifth floor.
219 February 19, 1969 7-21 "The Hired Gun" Mr. Drysdale, eager to get the Clampetts out of his building, hires a man to scare them off.
220 February 26, 1969 7-22 "The Happy Bank" Mr. Drysdale is even more eager to get the Clampetts out of his building when one of his secretaries takes an interest in Jed's money.
221 March 5, 1969 7-23 "Sam Drucker's Visit" Granny tries to convince Sam Drucker to propose to her by claiming that many handsome actors are pursuing her.
222 March 12, 1969 7-24 "The Guru" Jethro wants to become a guru, but after Granny shares some moonshine with his mentor, she is proclaimed "Queen of Gurus".
223 March 19, 1969 7-25 "The Jogging Clampetts" The Clampetts and the Drysdales join the jogging fad.
224 March 26, 1969 7-26 "Collard Greens an' Fatback" Pat Boone is interested in buying the Drysdale mansion, but is distracted by the aroma of Granny's home cooking.

Season 8: 1969-1970

# Airdate Prod.
Title Overview
225 September 24, 1969 8-1 "Back to the Hills" Granny wants to return to the hills to find Elly May a husband.
226 October 1, 1969 8-2 "The Hills of Home" The Clampetts travel to the hills and meet up with nemesis Elverna Bradshaw, who makes a bet with Granny that her daughter will be married before Elly May
227 October 8, 1969 8-3 "Silver Dollar City Fair" Granny goes to great lengths to get Elly a husband.
228 October 15, 1969 8-4 "Jane Finds Elly a Man" Miss Jane discovers a prospective husband for Elly May while birdwatching.
229 October 22, 1969 8-5 "Wedding Plans" Granny plans Elly May's wedding with her "fiance", and misunderstands his proposition.
230 October 29, 1969 8-6 "Jed Buys Central Park" A grimy con man (Phil Silvers) tricks the Clampetts into buying Central Park.
231 November 5, 1969 8-7 "The Clampetts in New York" The family sees all the sights of New York, and attempts to set up a cabin in Central Park.
232 November 12, 1969 8-8 "Manhattan Hillbillies" Granny has fun with a black Irish police officer (Sammy Davis, Jr.) while they are visiting in New York.
233 November 19, 1969 8-9 "Home Again" Elly falls for a handsome veterinarian when the Clampetts finally return from their long vacation.
234 November 26, 1969 8-10 "Shorty Kellems Moves West" Shorty Kellems from back home comes out to Beverly Hills to live large with his two hundred dollars.
235 December 3, 1969 8-11 "Midnight Shorty" Mr. Drysdale tries to get Shorty's "fortune" out of him by installing a casino in the Clampett's back yard.
236 December 10, 1969 8-12 "Shorty Go Home" Granny makes Shorty do lots of chores around the house to encourage him to return to the hills.
237 December 17, 1969 8-13 "The Hero" The Drysdales' nephew, a supposed Air Force hero, takes an interest in Elly May
238 December 24, 1969 8-14 "Our Hero the Banker" Drysdale's nephew starts working at the bank, but causes more trouble than he is worth.
239 December 31, 1969 8-15 "Buzz Bodine, Boy General" Upon returning to Hooterville, Jed invests in an airplane with one Mr. "Howard Hewes".
240 January 7, 1970 8-16 "The Clampett-Hewes Empire" Mr. Drysdale is greatly disappointed when he discovers Jed has gone into business with a plain farmer, rather than a reclusive billionaire.
241 January 14, 1970 8-17 "What Happened to Shorty?" After returning to Beverly Hills, the Clampetts discover that Shorty has been hiding on their property for a month, afraid to go back home.
242 January 21, 1970 8-18 "Marry Me, Shorty" Granny gets her rival Elverna Bradshaw to come out to California to marry Shorty.
243 January 28, 1970 8-19 "Shorty Spits the Hook" In a last-ditch desperation attempt to avoid marrying Elverna, Shorty pretends to be addicted to gambling.
244 February 4, 1970 8-20 "Three-Day Reprieve" Shorty locks himself with some secretaries from the bank to avoid being forced to marry Elverna.
245 February 11, 1970 8-21 "The Wedding" Shorty is more desperate than ever to get out of his engagement to Elverna.
246 February 18, 1970 8-22 "Annul That Marriage" Shorty's marriage to Drysdale's secretary turns out to be only a temporary respite from Elverna.
247 February 25, 1970 8-23 "Hotel for Women" Shorty turns the Clampett mansion into a hotel for only women.
248 March 4, 1970 8-24 "Simon Legree Drysdale" The hotel for women is filled with women doing chores, leading some to think Mr. Drysdale is running a slave plantation.
249 March 11, 1970 8-25 "Honest John Returns" Con man Honest John has an investment for the Clampetts, a giant fan to blow all the smog out of Los Angeles.
250 March 18, 1970 8-26 "Honesty is the Best Policy" Honest John teams up with his wife to defraud the Clampetts of their millions.

Season 9: 1970-1971

# Airdate Prod.
Title Overview
251 September 15, 1970 9-1 "The Pollution Solution" The Clampetts travel to Washington DC to give their fortune to the President to fight the smog problem.
252 September 22, 1970 9-2 "The Clampetts in Washington" The con artists follow the Clampetts to Washington, and sell them the White House.
253 September 29, 1970 9-3 "Jed Buys the Capitol" Jed gets swindled into buying the Capitol Building and the Clampetts are taken to a psych ward for evaluation.
254 October 6, 1970 9-4 "Mark Templeton Arrives" Mark Templeton, a Navy frogman, arrives to court Elly May, but Granny misunderstands his profession and thinks he is half-human, half-frog.
255 October 13, 1970 9-5 "Don't Marry a Frogman" Granny puts her medical knowledge to work trying to figure out a cure for being half-frog.
256 October 27, 1970 9-6 "Doctor, Cure My Frog" Granny is alarmed that Elly May and Jethro want to be frogmen like Mark.
257 November 10, 1970 9-7 "Do You Elly Take This Frog?" Granny is desperate to keep Elly May from going into the water with Mark, believing she too will turn into a frog.
258 November 17, 1970 9-8 "The Frog Family" To add to Granny's distress, Jed decides he too would like to be a frogman.
259 November 24, 1970 9-9 "Farm in the Ocean" Mr. Drysdale and Granny team up to run the frogman away from Elly May
260 December 1, 1970 9-10 "Shorty to the Rescue" Shorty Kellems returns to help Granny with her frogman problem.
261 December 8, 1970 9-11 "Welcome to the Family" Granny's latest idea is to get Mark disinterested in Elly May by having the girl cook for him.
262 December 15, 1970 9-12 "The Great Revelation" Granny finally grasps that Mark is not half-frog, and wants him to date Elly May, but Mr. Drysdale makes the Clampetts believe that the Navy needs Mark due to an imminent invasion of grunion.
263 January 5, 1971 9-13 "The Grunion Invasion" The Clampetts decide to defend their country against the invaders from the island of Grun, so they head to the beach.
264 January 12, 1971 9-14 "The Girls From Grun" The bank's secretaries form a union called GRUN, leading the Clampetts to believe that the grunions are solely female.
265 January 19, 1971 9-15 "The Grun Incident" Granny and Elly May are sympathetic to the secretaries' plight.
266 January 26, 1971 9-16 "Women's Lib" Elly May and Granny join the women's liberation movement, leaving Jethro and Jed to fend for themselves.
267 February 2, 1971 9-17 "The Teahouse of Jed Clampett" A group of Japanese girls arrive at the mansion to help with the housework.
268 February 9, 1971 9-18 "The Palace of Clampett San" The girls want to teach Jed, Jethro, and Mr. Drysdale a lesson because of their luxurious lifestyle at the mansion.
269 February 16, 1971 9-19 "Lib and Let Lib" The Clampetts have a hard time adjusting to life back together in the mansion.
270 February 23, 1971 9-20 "Elly, the Working Girl" Elly May gets a job at the bank as a secretary.
271 March 2, 1971 9-21 "Elly, the Secretary" A girl from back home arrives to try her hand at the movies, but Jethro fears she wants to marry him.
272 March 9, 1971 9-22 "Love Finds Jane Hathaway" A man pretends to be an Audubon so he can use Miss Jane to get to Elly May
273 March 16, 1971 9-23 "The Clampetts Meet Robert Audubon Getty" "Audubon" pretends to be a Getty when meeting Mr. Drysdale and a Crockett when meeting the Clampetts.
274 March 23, 1971 9-24 "Jethro Returns" The elaborate fraud is unravelled as everybody learns that "Audubon" is just a starving actor.

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