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List of recurring characters from That's So Raven

Throughout the run of the popular television show That's So Raven (shown on Disney Channel) there have been many recurring characters. Some of them have stayed with the show for all four seasons although in most cases the character has just disappeared with or without an explanation.


Señora Rodriguez, played by Rose Abdoo
Señora Rodriguez is the Spanish teacher atChelsea Daniels, Eddie Thomas, and Raven Baxter's school. She also sponsors the Bayside Barracudian newspaper. Other roles she has taken on include teaching the 'Drama Club', advising the "Bayside Outdoor Club", and creating/leading the "FLUB" (Future Leaders United in Business) Club. Retailers say she takes too many freebies. She has appeared in several episodes throughout the series. Whenever she is in a conversation with someone, she quickly gets their hopes up with positive responses, followed by a sly laugh, and an abrupt "NO!" with a negative tone -- her catchphrase.Mr. Lawler, played by Wesley Mann
Mr. Lawler is the teacher/principal at Raven, Chelsea, and Eddie's school. He was their English teacher in Season 1, but then he was promoted to principal in Season 2. He puts heavy emphasis on the letters "p" and "t", spitting whenever he mentions them. After becoming principal, he is no longer seen on-screen. He is succeeded as principal by Dr. Harry S. Stuckerman.Ms. DePaulo, played by Amy Hill
Ms. DePaulo is a Science teacher at Bayside. She was first seen in the episode Smell of Victory when she paired Raven with Ben "Stinky" Sturky for a big science project. She is an experienced bowler. Ms. DePaulo was also the proprietor of the "Bayside Student Store" in the episode They Work Hard for His Honey. In several episodes, she not-so-subtly implies that Eddie is her favorite student. She appeared in four episodes: Smell of Victory, A Fight at the Opera, That's So Not Raven, and They Work Hard for His Honey. She typically expresses hatred toward her ex-husband. She was never seen or referenced after Season 1. Mrs. Valentine, played by Karly Rothenberg
Mrs. Valentine is in charge of the Bayside Community Center. She once had Eddie, Raven, and Chelsea start clubs for the kids there to join. She is also the troop leader of the Bayside Sunshine Girls. Her catchphrase is "Peace out!", followed by the gesture hurting her. She was introduced in Season 4, and appeared in three episodes: Raven, Sydney, And The Man, Sister Act, and Rae of Sunshine.Mr. Petracelli, played by Ernie Sabella
Mr. Petracelli was Raven, Eddie, and Chelsea's History teacher in Season 1. He appears in 2 episodes (Mother Dearest and Escape Claus). He occasionally cracks his neck in a weird, disgusting way. He is very spiteful toward his students, and is portrayed as having a security-like detector implanted in his brain, which detects the negative things his students do and think. In the Christmas episode Escape Claus, he took a day off from school to play Santa Claus at the mall. He ultimately caught Eddie, Raven, and Chelsea playing hooky when Raven had to replace a necklace that Chelsea accidentally threw out the window.Mr. Grozowtski, played by Stuart Pankin
Mr. Grozowtski was a teacher at Raven, Chelsea, and Eddie's school. in Season 2. He only appeared in 2 episodes, Out Of Control and The Lying Game. He is often clumsy, and he forgets things. In the episode Out Of Control, he had misplaced his students' book reports, which he was supposed to have already graded. In The Lying Game, he had mismatched the students' Career Placement Tests, and admittedly, "made up" the results.Dr. Harry S. Stuckerman, played by Steve Hytner
In Season 4, Dr. Stuckerman is the principal of Bayside. He strictly enforces many rules, mainly regarding the dress code, (supposedly) to spite Raven. In the episode Soup to Nuts, it is revealed that he has scoliosis, but when he tripped on Raven's beads, his whole spine was re-aligned, and ultimately, cured. In that same episode, Raven had a vision that he would retire, but after recovering from his back injury, he decided to keep his job as principal, stating that he would "be around making rules for a long time". He also appears in the episode Teacher's Pet.Ms. Applebaum, played by Mary Jo Catlett
Ms. Applebaum is Cory's teacher in Seasons 2 and 3. She is somewhat elderly, and therefore, typically doesn't notice when her students (mainly Cory and Cindy) pass notes in class. In one episode, she appeared to have a crush on Cory's father (not knowing he was married).

Students at Raven's School

Danny Warren, played by Ben Ziff
Danny is Chelsea's boyfriend. He's known Eddie since third grade, and became Chelsea's boyfriend in Season 3 when she accepted his invitation to the prom. Because of her ditziness, Chelsea often mixes up his name by calling him "Randy" and "Warren Farber". He appears in 2 episodes, Save the Last Dance and When 6021 Met 4267.Ben "Stinky" Sturky, played by Joshua Harto
Ben Sturky is Raven, Chelsea, and Eddie's schoolmate in Season 1. He seems a crush on Raven. Although his feelings are not reciprocated, they seemed to be good friends in the end. He had a terrible body odor because he rarely bathed or showered, considering his alias. In one episode, he even defeated Chelsea to become Class President. After the first season, we never find out what happens to him.Devon Carter, played by Lil' J
Devon Carter is Raven's steady boyfriend throughout the series. He previously braces on his teeth and bad acne. After he had his braces removed, and his face "cleared up", Raven and Alana were constantly fighting to be his girlfriend. He eventually becomes Raven's boyfriend, and continues to be, even after he moves to Seattle. Although he and his family move to Seattle, he still sees Raven occasionally (when his father visits San Francisco on business trips). Even though they say they are each other's "only love", we see Raven have numerous crushes between Devon's visits.Alana, played by Adrienne Bailon
Alana was Raven's original rival in the series. She would find great pleasure in teasing and bullying Raven. She hangs out with her "posse", which includes "lackeys" Loca and Muffy. She was first introduced in Season 2 in the episode Run Raven Run. In the same episode, we learn that Alana and Raven were previously friends in elementary school, but a fourth grade school play had them both competing for the role of the Tooth Fairy (which Raven got, while Alana portrayed tooth decay), and would ultimately end their friendship. Alana and Raven almost became friends again when Raven "teamed up" with Alana's "posse" (in the episode Clothes Minded). This happens after Chelsea and Eddie do not support Raven's school "protest". In the episode Run Raven Run, Raven and Alana briefly become friends until Chelsea reveals that Raven put chewing gum in Alana's hair. This causes her to get her head shaved and covered up. Alana, Muffy, and Loca also spend the night at Raven's house in the episode Shake, Rattle, and Rae. In this episode, Raven and Alana almost become friends again, until Alana announces that "the score is 1-0". She was replaced in Season 3 by Bianca, because she, according to Muffy, "was so bad, she got sent to military school".Muffy, played by Ashley Drane
Muffy is a member of Alana's (and, later on, Bianca's) posse. She usually recorded everything for Alana, and later for Bianca. She took over as Raven's foremost enemy after Bianca left. There is some speculation that she might be psychic because she knows everything that Alana and Bianca are thinking. She also has a younger sister, Buffy, who is Sydney's age.Loca, played by Andrea Edwards
Loca is a member of Alana's (and, later on, Bianca's) posse. She is tough, and she did the "bad work" for Alana (and then Bianca). She is a tall girl, whom nobody likes to mess with. She is also romantically interested in Eddie; she likes to give him arm punches every time she sees him. She is obsessed with the boy band Boyz in Motion. She also has an obsession for S'mores, as seen in the episode Shake, Rattle, and Rae. She even shows compassion (briefly) for Raven in the Season 3 episode Boyz 'N Commotion.Bianca, played by Erica Rivera
Bianca took over as Raven's arch-enemy after Alana is sent to military school. She, according to Muffy, "was so bad, she got kicked out of military school". She only appeared in 2 episodes in Season 3 (Boyz 'N Commotion and Gettin' Outta Dodge), being replaced by Muffy. As she made only two appearances, it is unknown if she was sent back to military school. Chantel, played by Drew Sidora
Chantel is Eddie's steady girlfriend. She is known to have a huge appetite, despite her thin appearance. She breaks up with Eddie after Raven accidentally meddles in their relationship. However, they quickly get back together. She appears in 4 episodes (in season 3): Psychic Eye For The Sloppy Guy, They Work Hard for His Honey, Mismatch Maker, and Save the Last Dance.Max, played by Brian Sites
Max was one of Eddie's friends and basketball teammates in Season 1. He appears to be incredibly dumb, as he thinks that a football and basketball have the same proportions. In the episode Teach Your Children Well, it is revealed that he has a crush on Raven's mother (not knowing that she is married). He only appeared in the episodes Teach Your Children Well and Test Of Friendship.

Students at Cory's School

"The Juicer" played by Dan Mott
"The Juicer" is a bully at Cory's school, who threatens the other students and vandalizes various objects. His real name is never known. He has flunked 7th grade four times (according to him). His trademark is stealing the other students' lunches. If a fellow student refuses his wishes, then he claims that he will "juice" (or extract the liquids from) his/her head, hence his alias, though this is never completely shown in the series.

It is said he can get the "juice" out of anything, which is proven when he squeezes the "juice" out of a basketball in the episode Mad Hot Cotillion, and later when he "juices" a brown paper shopping bag in the episode Teacher's Pet. He also "juices" a carton of cigarettes in the last episode Where There's Smoke. He appears in the Season 4 episodes Juicer Consequences, Mad Hot Cotillion, and Teacher's Pet, as well as the last episode Where There's Smoke. He later appears in the episode "And the Weenie is..." in the spin-off series Cory in the House. At the end of this episode, he is said to stop bullying, and even tries to make real friends by not scaring them, and just being nice.William, played by Frankie Ryan Manriquez
William is one of Cory's best friends. He is known to be very smart, and loves ducks. He is afraid of girls, and he can play the clarinet and keyboard. His classmates call him "Captain Brainypants". He "invents" many different gadgets in various episodes, such as the "remote-controlled refrigerator opener". He once does Raven's science project, in exchange for her designing him a new wardrobe to look "cooler". It has been implied that William is younger than Cory, but it is not known how much younger. Lawrence "Larry" Miller, played by David Henrie
Larry is Cory's other best friend. He is Jewish, as revealed in the episode Raven, Sydney, And The Man, when he invites Cory to his Bar Mitzvah. He is the guitar player in "Cory and the Boys". He also has a yellow sweater that he wears all the time during the winter, as mentioned in the episode The Lying Game, although no other reference to this is made. He takes cotillion class, as revealed in the episode Juicer Consequences. He is also known to be over-worried, and slightly strange, at times.Cindy, played by Jordyn Coleman
Cindy is Cory's recurring girlfriend and an excellent student. She and Cory thought that -- since they were going to different junior high schools -- they should "see other people", and she started dating another boy (Tyler), while Cory went out with another girl, (Brittany). However, Cory and Cindy quickly get back together when their "separate" relationships do not work out. In the episode Where There's Smoke, Cory finds out that Cindy smokes.Madison, played by Rhyon Nicole Brown
Madison is Cindy's best friend. She dislikes Cory, even going as far as to call him "The Big Dummy". In one episode, she nearly ruins Cory and William's friendship when she demands that Cory drop William as a friend, so that he could hang out with her, and be popular. But Cory refuses, and drops her as a friend instead, leading her to dislike Cory. She is introduced in Season 2, and appeared in the episodes Blue in the Face; When In Dome; and The Four Aces.Kayla, played by Spencer Locke.
Kayla is a very pretty female student at Cory's school. Just like Larry, she takes cotillion class because "her parents made her". In the episode Mad Hot Cotillion", she develops a crush on Cory, which upsets "The Juicer" because he'' had a crush on her. She ultimately falls in love with "The Juicer" because of his "bad boy" image, which is what Cory wanted to happen all along.Jerry, played by Chancellor Miller.
Jerry is one of Cory's classmates. He tries to help him get Cindy to like him. He only appears in the episode Bend it Like Baxter.


Dr. Sleevemore played by Brian George
Dr. Sleevemore is a "psychic doctor", who treats Raven's vision-related problems. He appeared in 2 episodes. In the Season 1 episode Saving Psychic Raven, Raven starts attending his "Institute for Psychic Research", where she meets other teenage psychics. Raven decides not to go back to there at the end of the episode after an on-going feud between the psychics and Raven's friends. Dr. Sleevemore is neither seen nor mentioned again until the Season 3 episode Vision Impossible. In this episode, Raven has trouble with her visions, and needs help, so he decides to pay a visit to Raven's house. However, his own psychic ability enables him to know that Raven needs his help even before she talks to him.Boyz 'N Motion, played by Michael Copon, Ryan Hansen, and Columbus Short
Boyz 'N Motion is a popular boy band, composed of Ricky, Tre, and J.J.J. (the third J is silent, as stated in the episode "Boyz 'N Commotion"). They are first mentioned in the earlier episodes A Fish Called Raven; A Goat's Tale; and Extreme Cory, but they weren't actually seen until the episode "Boyz 'N Commotion". In that episode, they spend a couple nights at Raven's house because of all the obsessed fans that chase them (as a result of Raven's compulsive bragging). Raven later persuades them to sing at Bayside. Ever since then, Raven and "The Boyz" have been close friends. In the episode Be Prepared, Raven causes them to break up, then make up, in preparation for a music video that Donna Cabonna is working on for Maria Shriver. Chloe Hunter, played by Devon Odessa
Chloe Hunter is the manager at Sassy's in the episode True Colors. After they go "undercover" to verify that she is racist, the company fires her. Leonard Stevenson, played by James Michael McCauley
Leonard Stevenson is an old rival of Victor's. They went to "cooking school" together, and always competed with each other to see who was "the better chef". Victor has always been jealous of Leonard, but it actually seems that Leonard was more jealous than Victor was. Leonard is always smug, cocky, and takes joy in watching Victor "lose". In the episode Chef-Man and Raven, he and his teenage daughter, Julie (Shelley Buckner), compete against Victor and Raven on the cooking TV show "Captain Cook-off's Challenge". In the episode The Grill Next Door, he opens a "knock-off" restaurant of Victor's, and he calls it The Hill Grill (which is the same name as Victor's restaurant, minus 1 letter). At the end of that episode, Leonard is offered a new TV show in Hawaii, and he abruptly closes his restaurant. However, it seems as if he had finally "given in" to Victor. Whenever Chelsea first hears his name, she screams out of fear, but (for some reason) she only does this in the episode Chef-Man and Raven. Stanley played by Bobbe' J. Thompson
Stanley is Eddie's next-door neighbor, who is obsessed with Raven. He has a frenemy relationship with Eddie and Cory, although he is usually seen scamming them. Stanley was originally brought in as a love interest for Raven's next-door neighbor, Sierra, but he becomes much more interested in Raven -- and in one episode, Loca. Stanley is rude, obnoxious, mean, sarcastic, and chauvinistic to everyone. He is a young salesman, who usually tricks Cory into buying something that would eventually go wrong. He is always trying desperately to get Raven to like him, but he suddenly leaves her alone after seeing her kiss Andre in the episode Mr. Perfect. He loves cheese sandwiches. He also competes against Chelsea in a ping-pong match, and loses. In the same episode (Taken To The Cleaners), he asks Victor to make him a cheese sandwich in the shape of a ping-pong paddle. His catchphrase is "My brotha(brother)!", which he exclaims whenever he is trying to "show someone up". He appears primarily in Seasons 3 and 4, in the episodes Opportunity Shocks; Taken To The Cleaners; The Grill Next Door; Mr. Perfect; The Four Aces; Driving Miss Lazy; 'Sister Act; Checkin' Out; Fur Better Or Worse; and When 6021 Met 4267. He also appears in the Cory in the House episode Uninvited Pest when he covets the "Presidential Medal" Corey was going to receive for his "Young Businessperson of the Year" Project. He got into the "Up with Goodness" program, feigned an ankle injury, and stole Cory's presentation. It is also noted that he has a fear of bones, which helps Corey prove that Stanley faked the injury and stole his presentation.Sierra, played by Juliette Goglia
Sierra is Raven's next-door neighbor, who is known to irritate Raven. She wants to be an opera singer, and frequently displays this to Raven. She has a crush on Stanley. Although Raven finds her annoying, she is not nearly as annoying as Stanley. Sierra only appears in 2 episodes, Stark Raven Mad -- in which she somehow manages to get herself stuck inside a giant stomach display at the museum -- and Opportunity Shocks.Nadine, played by Jordan Moseley
Nadine is Devon's little sister. When Devon is around, she is very sweet and innocent, but she is extremely bratty behind Devon's back. She hates Raven because she thinks that Raven "is trying to steal her brother away". Nadine only appears in 2 episodes, Four's A Crowd and There Goes The Bride.Sydney, played by Sydney Park
Sydney is a girl at Bayside Community Center, whom Raven mentors. When they first meet, Sydney embarrasses Raven by constantly insulting her. However, when Raven learns that Sydney is a foster child, they quickly develop a friendship. Sydney is an aspiring comedian, and she even "performed" at Cory's "Bro Mitzvah" in the episode Raven, Sydney, and the Man. Raven and Sydney are now very close friends, and even enter a Little Miss and Her Big Sis pageant. Raven and Sydney are often compared as sisters, although they are not actually related.Donna Cabonna, played by Anne-Marie Johnson
Donna Cabonna is a world-renowned fashion designer, and Raven's boss. Her name is a parody of real-life designers Donna Karan and Dolce & Gabbana. In one episode in Season 4, she makes Raven her "temporary assistant" when Tiffany goes on a business trip. Raven's full devotion to her boss causes Devon to break up with her, but they quickly re-unite after a brief talk. Donna has a boyfriend named Teddy (Richard Steven Horvitz), who is much shorter than her, with whom she plays "break-up and make-up" almost every weekend. Tiffany, played by Jodi Shilling
Tiffany is Donna's "personal assistant", and Raven's latest nemesis. Ever since their first meeting, Tiffany and Raven have disliked each other. On Raven's first day working for Donna (in the episode "Dues & Don'ts"), Tiffany lies to Raven by telling her that Donna Cabonna's office belongs to Raven. They are constantly "competing" to be Donna's favorite assistant. She apparently shares many similarities with Muffy.


Sam is Chelsea's pet basset hound. He has the same name as a guy Chelsea once had a crush on.Coco
Coco is Donna Cabonna's pet chihuahua. He does not like Raven, and is pretty much the only other living thing that Donna cares about. He likes the same kind of dog food that Chelsea's dog likes, as mentioned by Chelsea in the episode Dues & Don'ts.Gomez
Gomez is the goat mascot of Jefferson High School, Bayside's biggest rival. In one episode, Eddie "steals" him "for revenge" before a big football game. Chelsea later takes Gomez to Raven's house, where "he ate everything", including Raven's tickets to a concert. Chelsea, being so attached to animals, loves him, and later takes him to a farm, where he made "lots of new animal friends".Shakespeare Shakespeare or "Gary", as Cory would call him, is a dog that once followed Cory home. At first, Cory dislikes him, but quickly adores him, even teaching him how to identify money. Later on, a boy named "Chauncey" (with a striking resemblance to Cory, and also played by Kyle Orlando Massey in a dual role) came to the Baxters' house to retrieve his dog, Shakespeare, after seeing a "Dog Found" poster that Cory had been ordered by Victor to post.Lionel Lionel is Cory's pet rat. In one episode, Cory even states that Lionel is his best friend.

Notable guest stars

Season Episode Star Character
1 "The Parties" Kirsten Storms Nikki Peterson
"A Dog By Any Other Name" Brenda Song
Mike Erwin
"Wake Up, Victor" Steven Anthony Lawrence Myles
"Psychics Wanted" Niecy Nash Madame Cassandra
"To See or Not to See" Jenifer Lewis Grandma Viv
2 "Leave it to Diva" Judyann Elder Nana Loretta
"Spa Day Afternoon" Debra Wilson Maisha
"There Goes the Bride" Lawrence Hilton-Jacobs Mr. Carter
"He's Got the Power" Haylie Duff Katina
"The Dating Shame" Roger Lodge Rodney Rivers
"The Road To Audition" Paula Abdul "Undercover Superstar" Host/Scout
"Numb and Number" Tom Virtue Dr. Horn
3 "The Royal Treatment" Dempsey Pappion
Reginald VelJohnson
Prince Tendaji
Dikembe the Ambassador
"Opportunity Shocks" James Avery Presto Jones
"Taken to the Cleaners" Macy Gray Rhonda
"The Big Buzz" Susan Lucci Ms. Romano
"Dog Day Aftergroom" Kathie Lee Gifford Claire
"Art Breaker" Cyndi Lauper Ms. Petuto
"On Top of Old Oakey" Ricky Ullman Jake Haskell
"Too Much Pressure" Yvette Nicole Brown Monica
"Country Cousins" Giovonnie Samuels
Kym Whitley
Betty Jane
Cousin Vicky
"Goin' Hollywood" Alyson Stoner
Jackée Harry
Allie Grant
Ally Parker
"Cake Fear" Mary Gross Ms. Patterson
"The Four Aces" Della Reese Rhonnie Wilcox
4 "Driving Miss Lazy" Tim Reid Sheriff/Judge Jefferson
"Be Prepared" Maria Shriver Herself
"The Ice Girl Cometh" Amy Yasbeck
Dorien Wilson
Mrs. Daniels
"The Dress Is Always Greener" Kathy Najimy Lora Stelladora
"Teacher's Pet" Candace Cameron-Bure
Gavin Hetherington
Courtney Dearborn
Student in Class
"That's So Suite Life of Hannah Montana" Phill Lewis
Dylan Sprouse
Cole Sprouse
Jasmine Guy
Mr. Moseby
Zack Martin
Cody Martin
"The Way They Were" Geoffrey Owens
Rae Dawn Chong
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas

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