Granada (game)

Granada (game)

Granada is a SHARP X68000 and Sega Mega Drive game developed by Wolf Team and released by Telenet Japan in 1990, with a North American Sega Genesis release by Renovation Products the following year. The player controls a tank from an overhead perspective, shooting at enemy tanks and weapon stations. The play field allows scrolling in all directions, and the player must navigate through each level to find and destroy all targets before advancing. Granada is sometimes mistakenly referred to as "XGranadaX" or "Granada X" because of ambiguity in the design of the logo.

Version Differnces

The X68000 version and the later Genesis port are similar but have a number of key differences.

  • The Genesis version not only has a smaller palette (64 colors compared to 256 colors) but sprites have been recolored in very different ways from the original.
  • The X68000 version featured a lengthy animated introduction sequence on a third floppy disk. This was omitted from the port for space constraints.
  • The X68000 version also featured intermission illustrations when a stage was cleared. The Genesis version merely used a darkened version of the title between levels.
  • The Genesis version includes an additional level, which replaces the short bonus level of the original.
  • The Genesis version makes some minor alterations to the level design in places.
  • The Genesis version runs at 60 frames per second, and the X68000 only runs at 31 (the maximum refresh rate supported by the hardware). The Genesis version experiences a greater amount of slowdown however.

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