Graf von Felix Luckner

Graf von Felix Luckner

Luckner, Felix, Graf von, 1886-1966, German naval officer. In World War I he commanded (1916-17) the commerce raider Seeadler. Luckner slipped through the British blockade and before his capture near the Fiji Islands (Sept., 1917), destroyed Allied shipping worth more than $25 million. His bold operations earned him the nickname "the Sea Devil."

Felix Graf von Bothmer (10 December 1852) – 18 March 1937) was a German general of the Brusilov offensive. His father was army general and belongs to the german nobility. In 1871 Bothmer joined the Bavarian Army. He spent the next forty years serving in the Bavarian War Ministry or on the Bavarian General Staff, with three years in Berlin with the General Staff. During this time he rose through the ranks, reaching general of infantry in 1910.

In World War I and later life

On 30 November 1914 he was appointed to command the 6th Bavarian Reserve Division at Ypres. On 22 March 1915 he was moved to command Corps Bothmer, a unit raised to help defend the passes of the Carpathian Mountains against Russian attacks that directly threatened Hungary. He’s concored the Zwinin in April 1915 and was thus in the right place to take part in the great German advance after the breakthrough at Gorlice-Tarnow in May 1915. His units to stand firm against the Brusilov Offensive of June 1916. In 1917 he was appointed to command the 19th Army in Lorraine. He remained there until 8 November 1918, while to his north the German front crumbled. Bothmer retired from the army later in November 1918. Count Bothmer died in Munich on March 18, 1937 and, contrary to his family's wishes, Hitler's government ordered a state funeral for the general. He was eulogized by Prince Rupprecht of Bavaria.


Felix Graf von Bothmer married on July 22, 1882 Miss Auguste Baldinger. They had together 2 daughters.

Military ranks

Decorations and honors



Other German states

Other countries

The orders above which were from Allied nations were awarded prior to World War I.


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