Grace Note (The Twilight Zone)

Shades of Guilt (The Twilight Zone)

Opening narration

Portrait of Matthew McGreevey, a man who looks in the mirror and sees a decent, upstanding citizen. But appearances can be deceiving and tonight, Matt's about to get a reality check at the intersection known as The Twilight Zone.


After leaving a black man who's asking for help, being hunted by racistic white guys, Matt McGreevy returns home. It turns out the black man was a professor who did not survive the injuries and Matt McGreevy regrets his decision as his appearance slowly changes to resemble that of the man he refused to help. After being no more recognised by his wife and unable to get a room in a hotel due to the wrong face on his pass, he goes to the family of the black man to apologize but fails to find grace.He spends the night at the street and soon finds himself in the situation the professor was in. He finds someone and begs him for help. The man drives away, leaving Matt McGreevy beat by the racists but then something unexpected happens.

Closing narration

The old saying goes "You don't know a man until you've walked a mile in his shoes." Matt McGreevey went one better, he got to walk in another man's skin. A simple lesson in compassion, courtesy of The Twilight Zone.


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