Government Offices of Sweden

Ministry of Integration and Gender Equality (Sweden)

The Ministry of Integration and Gender Equality (Integrations- och jämställdhetsdepartementet) is a ministry of the Government Offices of Sweden. Its areas of responsibility include consumer affairs, democracy issues, gender equality, human rights, integration issues, metropolitan affairs, minority issues, non-governmental organizations and youth policy.

The ministry offices are located at Fredsgatan 8 in central Stockholm.


The ministry was created on January 1, 2007, after a decision by the new government that took office on October 6, 2006. Previously these its areas of responsibilities were handled by the Ministry of Justice and the Ministry for Foreign Affairs respectively.


The ministry is headed by the Minister for Integration and Gender Equality, Nyamko Sabuni (fp). The political executive also includes the state secretary Christer Hallerby, the political advisers and the press secretary.

Other senior officials are the Director-General for Administrative and Legal Affairs and the Administrative Director. Below the executive level, the Ministry is divided into divisions, offices and secretariats.

Government agencies

The Ministry of Integration and Gender Equality is principal for the following government agencies:

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