Gothminister are a metal band from Norway. Formed in 1999, they have released two albums and have had success in Germany, playing many German music festivals, including Wave-Gotik-Treffen (WGT), the Dark Storm Festival, the M'era Luna Festival, and performing for over 10,000 people at the Schattenreich Festival.


Current members

  • Gothminister (Bjørn Alexander Brem) - Lead Voices and Performance
  • Halfface (Tom Kalstad) - Keyboards
  • Machine (Bjorn Aadland) - Guitars
  • Chris Dead (Christian Svendsen) - Drums
  • Icarus (Glenn Nilsen) - Guitars

Former members

  • Dementia Narcissus (Sandra Jensen) — Backing Vocals and Performance
  • Android (Andy Moxnes) — Keyboard, guitar

Guest appearances

  • Eirik Øien (Session) — Bass on untitled third Studio album

Live guest appearances

  • Eric Burton — Live Vocals for Hatred at M'era Luna Festival 2004


Albums and EPs

Title Release date Type Notes Label
Angel Demo 2001 Demo Demo EP Angel
Gothic Electronic Anthems 2003 Studio First album BMG, Drakkar, Soulfood, Tatra
Empire of Dark Salvation 2005 Studio Second album BMG, Drakkar, e-Wave, Tatra, Tuba
Untitled 2008 Studio Third album ???


Title Release date Album Notes Label
Angel 2002 Gothic Electronic Anthems --- Soulfood, Tatra
Devil 2002 Gothic Electronic Anthems --- Soulfood, Tatra
The Holy One 2003 Gothic Electronic Anthems Promotional Single BMG, Drakkar, e-Wave, Tatra
Swallowed by the Earth 2005 Empire of Dark Salvation Club Single ???

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