Got the Life

Got the Life

"Got the Life" is a song written and recorded by American rock band Korn for their third studio album, Follow the Leader. It was released as the album's first single in August 1998.


Chart performance

The song is generally considered the first official single from Follow the Leader due to its massive airplay, which previous single "All in the Family" did not achieve. "Got the Life" became Korn's first entry on Billboard's Hot Mainstream Rock Tracks and Hot Modern Rock Tracks, registering peaks of number 15 and number 17, respectively. The song peaked in Australia at number 26, and shipments of a CD single have surpassed 35,000 units.

However, the music video was a greater success, debuting at number 8 on MTV's Total Request Live on September 17, 1998. Total Request Live, or TRL, is a daily top ten countdown show, MTV's prime outlet for popular music videos. "Got the Life" reached number 2 on its fourth day, September 22, although it is notorious for spending sixty-three days at number 3, a record which no other artist has accomplished at any position. The video would eventually make it to seventy-five days as the program's first "retired" video on January 12, 1999; future videos would only require sixty-five days, starting with Limp Bizkit's "Faith".

Chart (1998) Peak

Live performance

The song was performed live at almost every show since the opening date of the Family Values Tour in 1998. However, in favor of obscure album tracks, negative reception from Korn's online community pressured the band to exclude it, along with other popular singles, from most of their 2007 run in support of their untitled album. "Got the Life" has since returned as the final song in the encore for their European Bitch We Have a Problem Tour.

Music video

The video was filmed by Joseph McGinty Nichol, who also filmed every video from Korn's self-titled debut album. In the beginning, Munky and David can be seen getting into a Ferrari. The opening track from Follow the Leader, "It's On!", can be heard playing from a boombox. After the two are in the car, "Got the Life" begins. Jonathan is seen walking a dog, lets it go, and then gets into an old Mercedes-Benz. Fieldy and Head are seen in a new Mercedes-Benz E-Class, but it doesn't show how they got in. All band members drive to a garage, and then are seen performing in front of a television show staff on a colorful stage and are all wearing colorful clothing. Rapper WC is featured in the video crip walking and appears only once (when he is rapping the line "Get your boogie on"). During the performance, the band members seem to become angry over something, although it is unclear as to what that is. They then leave the studio before finishing the song, leaving some of the staff members confused. Jonathan is seen getting into his car with paparazzi surrounding him. He then gets out and swings a baseball bat at one of the cameras. Fieldy and Head give their car to a homeless man (portrayed by Pharcyde rapper Tre Hardson) and Munky and David exit their car to leave it crashing and exploding into a storm drain. All band members meet up and then walk to a crowded party which features Limp Bizkit vocalist Fred Durst and Orgy vocalist Jay Gordon.

Track listing

German release #1

  • CD5" 666302 2
  • "Got the Life" – 3:45
  • "Got the Life" (Deejay Punk-Roc remix) – 5:16
  • "Got the Life" (D.O.S.E.'s Woollyback remix) – 5:27
  • "I Can Remember" – 3:36

German release #2

  • CD5" 666302 5
  • "Got the Life" – 3:45
  • "Got the Life" (Vorticist's Suite) – 5:17
  • "Got the Life" (I Got a Knife) – 3:49
  • "Children of the Korn" (Clark World remix) – 4:06


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