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Gordon W. Lloyd

Gordon W. Lloyd (1832–1905) was an architect of English origin, whose work was primarily in the American Midwest. After being taught by his uncle, Ewan Christian, at the Royal Academy, Lloyd moved to Detroit in 1858. There he established himself as a popular architect of Episcopal churches and cathedrals in the region, mostly in the states of Michigan, Ohio and Pennsylvania. In addition to churches, Lloyd designed several secular works, such as commercial buildings, residences and an insane asylum. Though his office was in Detroit, Lloyd lived across the river in Windsor, Ontario, Canada.

Main works

  • Central United Methodist Church (Detroit, Michigan), 1866
  • Trinity Episcopal Church, Columbus, Ohio, 1869
  • David Whitney House, "The Whitney", Detroit, Michigan, 1894
  • "Building 50", (formerly Northern Michigan Asylum), Traverse City, Michigan, 1885
  • Christ P.E. Church, Detroit, Michigan, 1863
  • Grace Episcopal Church, Galion, Ohio, 1875
  • Parker Block, Detroit, Michigan, 1883
  • D.M. Ferry and Company Warehouse, Detroit, Michigan, 1887
  • Dowling Hall, University of Detroit, Detroit, Michigan, 1887
  • Cathedral of St. Paul, Erie, Pennsylvania, 1866
  • Central Methodist Church, Detroit, Michigan, completed in 1867
  • Thomas Parker House, Detroit, Michigan
  • Thompson Home, Detroit, Michigan
  • Church of the Holy Spirit, Kenyon College, Gambier, Ohio, 1871

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