Googoosh (alternately spelled Gogosh, Googosh or Gougoush; گوگوش, born Faegheh Atashin, فائقه آتشین , born May 5 1950 in Tehran) is an Iranian pop singer and actress.

In the 1970s, Googoosh was considered the most celebrated recording artist in Iran. In addition to music, Googoosh was also an actress in many Persian films of the 1960s and 1970s. She is more widely known as a singer than as an actress. After the Iranian Revolution in 1979 she remained in Iran until 2000 but did not record or perform again due to the ban on solo female singers. Still, her following grew. Younger people have rediscovered her music via bootleg recordings of her music. Outside of Iran, she has a significant following in many Middle Eastern and Central Asian countries, and currently resides in Los Angeles, California and continues her career, albeit in a limited manner.


Childhood and youth

Googoosh was born 'Faegheh Atashin' on 5 May 1950 on Sarcheshmeh Street, in an old, worn-down part of Tehran. Her parents are originally from Sarab (a city in Iran). While Googoosh was still an infant, her father divorced her mother. She began doing impersonations of some of the singers of the time. When her father discovered this talent, he put her on stage.

2000 and beyond

In 2000, a feature-length documentary called Googoosh: Iran's Daughter was released which chronicled the singer's life and her icon-status while detailing the socio-political turmoil that led to the 1979 Revolution in Iran. Made by Iranian-American filmmaker Farhad Zamani, the documentary began production in 1998 and was made at a time when Googoosh was still forbidden to perform or grant interviews. The tagline of the movie is Her silence made her the voice of a nation.

In 2001-03-21 during Norouz holiday Googoosh performed in Dubai. This concert was considered a homecoming for her since thousands of Iranians crossed the Persian Gulf to hear her.

Googoosh's first album released after her return was Zartosht (Zoroaster); she has had four more record-breaking albums since then, including QQBangBang,Last News, Manifest, and Shabe Sepid'' with Mehrdad Asemani released in March of this year.


  • 1971: first prize and golden record for her French songs , Retour de la vie and J'entends crier Je t'aime, at Midem festival in the Cannes.
  • 1972: First prize at the Carthage Music Festival
  • 1972: First medal of arts of Tunisia
  • 1973: The best actress for Bita in Iranian Sepas film festival.
  • 1973: The best artist of the year at San Remo Music Festival.

Personal life

Googoosh's first husband was Mahmoud Ghorbani. He was a music promoter who had helped Googoosh make a name for herself throughout the 60s. They married in 1968. They had a son, Kambiz, who currently lives in Los Angeles and who is also in the music industry. Ghorbani was abusive towards Googoosh and had made many sleazy deals putting himself and Googoosh in a lot of trouble. In 1973, Ghorbani and Googoosh divorced.

In 1974, Googoosh married the famous Iranian actor, Behrouz Vossoughi. However, this was a very unsuccessful marriage. They divorced 14 months later.

During the late 70s, Googoosh met Homayoun Mestaghi. He had been her boyfriend. After the Islamic Revolution in 1979, Googoosh served a 3 month jail sentence because she was living with Mestaghi, but he wasn't her husband, which was illegal under the Islamic Regime. Several years later, Googoosh divorced Mestaghi, and a few years after that, he died of cancer.

She married director Masoud Kimiai in 1991.


Studio albums

  • Mosabbeb (with Dariush, 1975)
  • Nimeh Gomshodeh Man ("My Lost Half", year unknown)
  • Behtarin Fasl-e-Taazeh ("The Best Fresh Season", year unknown)
  • Do Mahi ("Two Fishes", 1974)
  • Hamsafar ("Fellow Traveler", 1972)
  • ?:Jadeh (The Road)
  • 1971: Mordab (The Swamp)
  • ?:Do Panjareh (Two Windows)
  • ?:Kavir (The Desert)
  • ?:Kooh (The Mountain)
  • ?:Ageh Bemooni (If You Stay)
  • ?:Yadam Basheh, Yadet Basheh (Shenasnameyeh 1)
  • ?:Pol (The Bridge)
  • ?:Setaareh (The Star)
  • ?:Mann O Gonjeshkayeh Khoneh (Me and Sparoows of the Home)
  • ?: Lahzeh Bidari
  • 1977: Dar Emtedâde Šab (Along the Night)

Albums After Comeback

  • 2000: Zartosht (Zoroaster)
  • 2003: QQ Bang Bang
  • 2004: Akharin Khabar(Last News)
  • 2005: Manifest
  • 2008: Shabe Sepid


Year Persian Title
! English Title
1960 Ferešteye Farâri (فرشتۀ فراری) The Runaway Angel
Bim o Omid (بیم و امید) Hope and Fear
1963 Partgâhe Maxuf (پرتگاه مخوف) The Cliff of Fear
1965 Šeytun Balâ (شیطون بلا) The Naughty One
1966 Gedâyâne Tehrân (گدايان تهران ) The Beggars of Thehran
Fil va Fenjan (فيل و فنجان ) Big and Small
Hossein-e-Kord (حسين كرد) Hossein-e-Kord
1967 Câhâr Xâhar (چهار خواهر) Four Sisters (with Leila Forouhar
Darvâzeh Taqdir (دروازه تقدير) The Gate of Fate
Ganjo Ranj (گنج و رنج) Treasure and Toil
Dar Jostojouye Tabahkâran (در جستجوي تبهكاران) Searching for the Criminals
1968 Se Divâne (سه‌دیوانه) The Three Morons
Šab_e_Fereštegân (شب فرشتگان) The Night of Angels
Setareh Haft âsemân (ستاره هفت آسمان) The Star of Seven Skies
1969 Gonahe Zibaee (گناه زيبايی ) The Sin of Beauty
1970 Tolu (طلوع) Sunrise
Janjale Aroosi (جنجال عروسی ) The Wedding Brawl
Panjere (پنجره) The window
1971 Esâse Dâq (احساس داغ) Hot Feeling
Asemoune bi setareh (آسمون بی ستاره ) Starless Sky
Qesâs(قصاص ) Retaliation
1972 Bitâ (بیتا) Bita
1973 Khialati(خیالاتی)
1975 Hamsafar (همسفر) Co Traveler
Nâzanin (نازنین) Nazanin
Mammal Emrikâyi (ممل امریکایی) American Mammal
Šabe Qaribân (شب غریبان) Nostalgic Night
1976 Mâh Asal (ماه عسل) Honeymoon
1977 Dar Emtedâde Šab (در امتداد شب) Along the Night
1979 Emšab aški mirizad (امشب اشکی می ریزد) Tonight Someone Cries

Tours and concerts after 2000

Googoosh Comeback Tour (2000–2001)

Post-Comeback Tour Concerts

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