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Goiana is a city in Brazil in the northeast of the state of Pernambuco, about 65 km north of the city of Recife. It is built on a fertile plain between the rivers Tracunhaém and Capibaribe Mirim near their junction to form the Goiana River, and is 25 km from the coast . It is surrounded by, and is the commercial centre for, one of the richest agricultural districts of the state, which produces sugar, rum, coffee, tobacco, cotton, cattle, hides and castor oil. Goiana is one of the oldest towns of the state, and was occupied by the Dutch from 1636 to 1654.


Originally occupied by Indians Caeté is potiguara s, the town of Clonmel led is one of the oldest centers of settlement of the region and has at various times, seat of the captaincy.

The village was elevated to a parish in 1568 when Dias Diogo, a Christian of many new possessions, bought from D. Jerome de Albuquerque Sousa 10 thousand fathoms of land near the present city of Goiana, then Captaincy of Itamaracá, establishing a fortified ingenuity in the Valley of the Rio Tracunhaém. This has been the settler attack on the ingenuity Tracunhaém in 1574, in which Indians potiguara he exterminated the entire population of ingenuity. This episode caused the extinction of captaincy of Itamaracá and the creation of captaincy of Nova Paraíba.

In January 1640 went up between Goiana and the island of Itamaracá the squad of D. Fernando de Noronha, Count of Torre, and the Dutch, commanded by Corneliszoon Willen, a fight that would be immortalized in four prints of Frans Post.

On April 24 of 1646, fitted with sticks, stones, pots, pepper and boiling water, women of Tejucupapo, a small district of the city, won the Dutch that threatened their land and families. Event known and portrayed in this movie called "Epic of heroin of Tejucupapo" that the last Sunday of April is recount through a theatrical outdoor milestone in the Mother's Club. The production shows the lives of women who fought against the invaders and against prejudice.

Elevated to the post of town on January 15 of 1685, the city has earned forums on May 5 of 1840, the center of town on August 3 of 1892.

In 2006, Goiana became part of the metropolitan area of Recife.


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