Gobbolino, the Witch's Cat

Gobbolino, The Witch's Cat is a children's novel written by Ursula Moray Williams.

Plot introduction

Gobbolino is a little black kitten with one white paw, and sparkling blue eyes who was born to be a witch's cat with his pure black twin sister, Sootica. While his sister is quite happy to learn spells and turn mice into toads, Gobbolino longs to be a humble kitchen cat; and he embarks on a great adventure to seek out his heart's desire.

He tries to become a normal cat in many different places, but is always revealed as not being so when he resorts to magic. Eventually, he tries to be a witch's cat, but he fails at all his set tasks. Finally, he returns to the farmhouse where he first tried to fit in, his magic gone, and becomes a kitchen cat there.

The name 'Gobbolino' is from the Italian word for little hunchback.


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