Go Museo of Bukbuyeo

Go Museo of Bukbuyeo

Go Museo (60 BCE - 58 BCE) was the 6th Dangun of Bukbuyeo and the 2nd Dangun of Jolbon Buyeo. He was the son of Dongmyeong-wang Go Dumak, who was the previous Dangun. Go Museo was also the father of So Seo-no, who later became the wife of King Dongmyeong, the founder of Goguryeo, and mother to Biryu and King Onjo, who was the founder of Baekje.


Go Museo rose to the throne in 59 BCE, after the death of his father and previous Dangun, Go Dumak. In 58 BCE, during the second year of his reign, Go Jumong, a direct descendant of Hae Mosu, Bukbuyeo's founder, came to Jolbon Buyeo. Go Museo immediately took him in, knowing that Jumong was not an ordinary man. A few months later, Go Museo gave his daughter So Seo-no to him in marriage. Go Museo died not long after this event during that same year.


Go Museo had no sons or successors of his bloodline, and therefore, his new son-in-law, Jumong took his place and became the 7th Dangun of Bukbuyeo, and later established Goguryeo in 37 BCE.


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