Goblin (Warhammer)

Goblins, also known as "Gobbos", are among the smallest of the goblinoid "greenskin" races in the Warhammer Fantasy setting.

They are smaller than the Orcs and the Hobgoblins but larger than the Gnoblar race (a cousin to the goblins, rather than a tribe or subculture) and Snotlings (A tinier Goblinoid). While they lack the size and brute force of the Orcs, they are much more clever and cunning than their larger cousins.

In the game, there are different subcultures of Goblins, with varying degrees of autonomy from their Orcish cousins, including the Night Goblins and primitive Forest goblins (A tribe of Goblins residing in the Old Worlds forests with an Indian like appearance). All Goblins are violent and malicious, but consider warfare to be a pastime or hobby.

The ordinary Hill Goblin is the type most commonly seen in the Old World.

Night goblin

The range of Citadel Miniatures C13 Night Goblins first appeared alongside their now extinct cousins, the Red Goblins, featuring their distinctive cloaks, hoods and shields, and also including fanatics using oversized ball and chain weapons. Whilst rules remain for the ball and chain, no specific profiles for Night Goblins appear in 2nd Edition Warhammer. Night Goblins have adapted to life under the mountains throughout the Old World and the South Lands. Their dress is explained by their a strong aversion to sunlight so when forced above ground they wear very dark enveloping robes to shield themselves from it.

Forest Goblins

Forest goblins live in the steaming jungles of the Southlands and in the Old Worlds forests (hence the name Forest Goblin). They have their own Native American-themed culture. Forest Goblins are more primitive than the Goblins of other areas and mainly use weapons and armour made of wood and bone. They worship a third deity next to Gork and Mork, called the Spider God.

In Warhammer fantasy Battles they are best known for the Spider Rider unit, cavalry in the form of Forest Goblins riding giant spiders into battle. In older editions of the game Forest Goblins could be taken on foot, but in the 6th edition they were removed entirely. In 7th edition only the Spider riders returned.


Hobgoblins are the most advanced goblins in the Warhammer world in terms of technology. While they are a type of goblin they do not fight for the Orc & Goblin army, instead they fight for the Chaos Dwarfs as servants or as Dogs of War. One type of Hobgoblin are Sneaky Gits.

Goblin units in the game

The rules and particulars of Goblins are described by Warhammer Armies: Orcs & Goblins


  • Goblin Warboss and Big Boss

Goblin Warbosses and Big Bosses are the main leaders of the goblin masses, when a bigger orc leader is not around to boss them. Goblin bosses are chosen purely by either martial prowess or cunning.

Goblin Shaman are the magical counterpart of the Bosses. They wield the powerful force of the Waaagh! power. In game terms they act as the battle wizards by casting Waaagh! magic.


Units of Common Goblins form the backbone of the Goblin hordes, using spears or bows in great numbers. They are not very strong in battle, but make it up with pure quantity.

Mounted troops

  • Goblin Wolf Riders- Common goblins riding into battle on giant wolves.
  • Goblin Wolf Chariot - a chariot drawn by wolves with goblins on board.
  • Forest Goblin Spider Riders- Forest Goblins riding giant spiders.
  • Night Goblin Squig Hoppers- Brave (or more often insane) night goblins riding squigs.

War machines

  • Doom Diver Catapult - a catapult/ballista which fires live goblins as ammunition. With makeshift wings tied to their arms, the Doom Divers can steer their flight to some extent, and can thereby maximise the destruction upon the enemy.
  • Spear Chukka- a crude bolt thrower operated by a goblin crew.
  • Rock Lobber - a crude catapult operated by a Goblin crew.

Noted characters


  • Warhammer: Orcs and Goblins, 6th Edition, By Rick Priestley and Jake Thornton


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