GlaubeLiebeTod (German for FaithLoveDeath) is the ninth studio album by the German band Oomph!. It was released in 24 March, 2006.

It was released as three versions: a basic version with jewel case and no booklet; a standard version with jewel case and a booklet; and a premium version as a digipak with enhanced CD-ROM content and two bonus tracks (see below).

Track listing

  1. Gott ist ein Popstar! ("God is a popstar")
  2. Das letzte Streichholz ("The last match")
  3. Träumst Du? ("Do you dream?")
  4. Die Schlinge (featuring Apocalyptica) ("The noose")
  5. Du willst es doch auch ("You want it too")
  6. Eine Frau spricht im Schlaf ("A woman Spoke Asleep")
  7. Mein Schatz ("My precious")
  8. Dreh dich nicht um ("Don't turn around")
  9. Land in Sicht ("Land in sight")
  10. Tanz in den Tod ("Dance into Death")
  11. Ich will deine Seele ("I want your soul")
  12. Zuviel Liebe kann dich töten ("Too much love can kill you")
  13. Wenn du mich lässt ("If you let me") (Digipack extra bonustrack)
  14. Menschsein ("Human Being") (Digipack extra bonustrack)
  15. Gott ist ein Popstar - Video (Digipack extra videoclip)




  • Weißt du wie viel Sterne stehen? ("Do you know how many stars are up there?")
  • Fragment
  • Die Hölle kann warten ("The hell can wait")
  • Der Präsident ist tot (Extrabreit cover) ("The president is dead")
  • Zauberstab (Zsa Zsa cover) ("Magic wand")
  • Polizisten (Extrabreit cover) ("The police")
  • God is a Popstar
  • Die Schlinge (featuring Apocalyptica)
  • Träumst Du? (featuring Marta Jandová)
  • Für Immer ("Forever")

GLT Tour

The band has based their GlaubeLiebeTod promotional tour on a specific playlist which can now be found on the official website here Similar playlist is available on their live DVD.

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