The Glasstron by Sony, mounted on a clear head.

The Sony Glasstron was a portable head-mounted display. The products included two LCD screens and two earphones for video and audio respectively.

The Glasstron was released to the U.S. market in 1997.

Various models were released. Supported video inputs included PC (15 pin, VGA interface), Composite and S-Video. A brief list of the models follows:

  • PLM-A35: The most basic model with opaque lenses and no SVGA input.
  • PLM-A55: This model had a mechanical shutter to allow the display to become see through, without SVGA.
  • PLM-S700: The S700 allowed for see through mode using LCD shutters and had support for SVGA output.

The product is no longer manufactured nor supported by Sony.

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