[glas-hous, glahs-]

Glasshouses is a small village in Nidderdale, North Yorkshire, England. It lies about 1 mile south east of Pateley Bridge on the east side of Nidderdale and has a recently rebuilt river bridge across the river Nidd.

The old twine mill, on the banks of the Nidd, now houses a number of small businesses. There is a public house, The Birch Tree Inn, on the main Harrogate to Pateley Bridge road just outside the village.

May day is celebrated every year with traditional May Pole dancing and the crowning of the 'May Queen' on the village green.


  • Bed & Breakfast establishments
  • Children's playground
  • Glasshouses Primary School
  • The Birch Tree Inn public house
  • Yorkshire Country Wines tearoom
  • Village hall (Broadbelt Hall)

A brief history

  • 1982 The mill chimney was demolished
  • 1970 The mill was closed
  • 1933 Broadbelt Hall built
  • 1926 Bridge over the Nidd destroyed and rebuilt
  • 1910 Major refurbishment of the school
  • 1907 Mill owners, the Metcalfes, bankrupted

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