Gl 15 Star System

Ross 248

Ross 248 or HH Andromedae is a red dwarf star approximately 3.2 pc or 10.33 light years from Earth's Solar System. It is the eighth closest star system, and the closest in the constellation Andromeda. This is a flare star that occasionally increases in luminosity. Its nearest neighbor is the Gl 15 Star System (GX and GQ Andromedae), a mere 0.47 pc or 1.54 ly away.

The spacecraft Voyager 2 is travelling on a path headed roughly in the direction of Ross 248. In approximately 40,000 years the spacecraft will make its closest pass to the star, at a distance of ~1.7 light years.

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NAME Right ascension Declination Apparent magnitude (V) Spectral type Database references
HH Andromedae B (PLX 5735) 23h 41m 54s +44° 14' 00'' 12.6 A5 Simbad

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