Postage stamps and postal history of Oltre Giuba

Oltre Giuba, italian for Jubaland (Somali: Jubbaland) or Juba Valley (Somali: Dooxada Jubba), formerly Trans-Juba , is the southwesternmost part of Somalia, on the far side of the Juba River (thus "Trans"-Juba), bordering on Kenya.

Italy issued its first postage stamps for Jubaland on July 29, 1925, consisting of contemporary Italian stamps overprinted "OLTRE GIUBA" (Trans-Juba). The same process was followed for the Italian commemorative issues of the time - the "Victor Emmanuel" issue, the "St. Francis" issue. On April 21, 1926, Italy issued a set of seven stamps printed specifically for the colony, depicting a map of the territory and inscribed "COMMISSARIATO GENLE / DELL' OLTRE GIUBA", then on June 1 the omnibus Colonial Institute issue included a set inscribed "OLTRE GIUBA".

Only a couple of the higher values have more than a minimal price for collectors, although as usual for remote colonies of brief existence, genuine usages on cover are seldom seen.

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