Gintaras Karosas

Gintaras Karosas

The artist, founder of Europos Parkas, creator of its landscape and President of the non-profit organisation Europos parkas, was born in Kryziokai village, Vilnius district, on the 25th of June, 1968.

He graduated from the Vilnius Academy of Fine Arts (Department of Sculpture). In 1995 the artist took museum studies in Japan and the USA (at the invitation of the US Information Agency).

While a student at secondary school, he organized several personal exhibitions of graphics in Vilnius and Kaunas.

In 1987 he found a place near Vilnius suitable for a sculpture park and started clearing wild neglected woodland. Gintaras Karosas was nineteen at that time.

In 1991 he erected the first sculpture - the Symbol of Europos Parkas, which was like the foundation stone marking the birth of the Park.

In 1995 Gintaras Karosas was among the top-twenty young people, selected by The Wall Street Journal, who had brought about important changes in Eastern and Central Europe.

In 2001, for his initiative and creativity, the artist received the St Christopher’s statuette (a prestigious award in the city of Vilnius.)

Apart from the Symbol of Europos Parkas, the Open-Air Museum hosts four other works of Gintaras Karosas: Monument of the Centre of Europe, For Your Convenience, LNK Infotree and The Place.

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