Gino Santangelo Jnr

Santangelo family

The Santangelo Family is a fictional family created by Jackie Collins in the The Santangelo Novels series.

Family Members

  • Paulo Santangelo, d. 1939, married to:
    • Mira, married until 1910
  • Gino Santangelo, b. 1905, son of Paulo and Mira Santangelo, married to:
    • Cindy, married 1934-1939
    • Maria Grazione, married 1949-1955
    • Susan Martino, married 1979-1983
    • Paige Wheeler, married 1985-Present
  • Steven Berkleyb. 1934, illegitimate son of Gino Santangelo and Carrie Berkley, married to:
    • Zizi, married 1968-1971
    • Mary Lou Morley, married 1984-1988?
    • Lina, married
  • Lucky Santangelo, b. 1950 daughter of Gino Santangelo and Maria Grazione, married to:
    • Craven Richmond, b. 1948, married 1966-1970
    • Dimitri Stanisopolous, married 1979-1984
      • Roberto Stanisoplous Santangelo, b. 1979 son of Dimitri Stanisopolous and Lucky Santangelo
    • Lennie Golden, married 1984-Present
      • Maria "Max" Santangelo, b. 1984? daughter of Lennie Golden and lucky Santangelo
      • Gino Santangelo Jnr, b. 1985 son of Lennie Golden and Lucky Santangelo
  • Brigitte Stanisopolous, b. 1970, daughter of Olympia Stanisopolous and an unnamed Italian businessman, at the death of her mother in 1984 she lived with her stepfather Lennie Golden and godmother Lucky Santangelo
  • Leonardo Golden, - illegitimate son of Claudia Bonnatti and Lennie Golden, adopted by Lucky Santangelo
  • Dario Santangelo, b. September 1,1951 d. 1977, son of Gino Santangelo and Maria Grazione

Other Families Connected to the Santangelos

Zennocotti-Grazione Family

  • Franklin Zennocotti natural father of Leonora Zenoccotti Grazione, adopted father of Costa Zennocotti
  • Leonora Zennoccotti Grazione, daughter of Franklin Zennocotti, married to:
    • Edward Grazione, married 1928
      • Maria Grazione, b. 1928 d.1955, daughter of Leonora Grazione and Edward Grazione
  • Costa Zennocotti, adopted son of daughter of Franklin Zennocotti (adopted 1921), married to:
    • Jennifer, d. 1970, married 1934-1970

Gino Santangelo was intended to marry Leonora Zennocotti until she slept with Edward Grazione and became pregnant which spurred a shotgun wedding. Their child, Maria Grazione Gino married in 1949. As a result of the marriage, Leonora and Edward disowned their daughter.

Richmond Family

  • Senator Peter Richmond, married to:
    • Betty Richmond
  • Craven Richmond, b. 1948, married to
    • Lucky Santangelo, married 1966-1970

Gino married his sixteen year old daughter Lucky to Senator Richmond's son Craven to make an alliance between the two families and to exercise some control over his rebellious daughter. Gino's criminal past ruined Senator Richmond's chances for the Republican nomination and the two families did not speak after Lucky's divorce in 1970.

Stanisopolous Family

  • Dimitri Stanisopolous, d. 1984, father of Olympia Stanisopolous and Roberto Stanisoplous, married to:
    • Unnamed American society wife
    • Lucky Santangelo, married 1979-1984

    *Olympia Stanisopolous, b. 1948 d. 1984, daughter of Dimitri Stanisopolous and    Unnamed American society wife, married to:
    **Unnamed Greek playboy, married 1967 (four months)
    **Unnamed Italian businessman, d.1972, married 1970-1972
    **Unnamed Polish Count, married 1972 (sixteen weeks)

    *Roberto Stanisoplous- b. 1979, son of Dimitri Stanisoplous and Lucky Santangelo

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