Gimnastic de Tarragona

Camp de Tarragona

Camp de Tarragona is a natural and historical region of Catalonia, Spain. Although surrounded by the Serralada Prelitoral mountain chain, it is a rather plain territory for the most part, with Mediterranean sand beaches forming part of the Costa Daurada. The main towns are Tarragona, Reus, Valls and Cambrils. Salou is an important resort destination.

The region is regarded as the second metropolitan area of Catalonia, hosting the most important chemical complex in Spain as well as one of the main ports. Among the most distinctive agricultural produce of the region are hazelnuts, olives, wine and fish. It is also one of the major tourist areas in Catalonia, mainly due to the variety of beaches, holiday attractions like Port Aventura theme park, the remains of the Roman important past of Tarragona (one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Spain) and samples of the Catalan Modernisme style (particularly in Reus, Gaudí's hometown).

The area has a common history going back to 1356. In 1936, the region was politically divided into three comarques: Alt Camp, Baix Camp and Tarragonès.

According to the General Territorial Plan of Catalonia, the Camp de Tarragona region is one of the seven functional territorial sections of Catalonia. It covers, however, a greater area, as the neighbouring comarques of Baix Penedès, Priorat and Conca de Barberà are also included. Under the 2006 Statute of Autonomy of Catalonia, the four provinces which make up Catalonia are due to be replaced by seven vegueries, which will also take over many of the functions of the comarques. While the final boundaries of the new vegueries have yet to be approved, the vegueria of Camp de Tarragona will most likely be formed by the same six comarques above mentioned, with the only possible exception of Baix Penedès if the historical region of the Penedès was finally accepted as an eighth vegueria, as requested by many local councils.

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