Geunyoung Industry

Geunyoung Industry

Geunyoung Industry Co, Ltd. (hangul:근영산업) is a Korea's automotive in auto parts company. headquartered in Nowon-Dong Buk-Gu Daegu, Korea. established in 1977. Its made at automobile in automotive spare parts products. and auto parts company similar in Hyundai Mobis and SL Corp.. The "Geunyoung Industry" CEO is brother by Yoo Deok Sool & Yoo Yeong Sool (유덕술, 유영술 형제).

Group families

  • Geunyoung Industry Co, Ltd.
  • Geunyoung Tech Co, Ltd.
  • Geunyoung Precision Co, Ltd.


  • 1977:Establish in was founded Geunyoung Industry Co, Ltd. (Nowon-Dong Buk-Gu Daegu)
  • 1980:Expanded and moved (Chimsan 1-gu)
  • 1988:Approved to be auto joint enterprise in Ssangyong Motor Company
  • 1989:Introduce Quality Control
  • 1990:Introduce KS mark
  • 1991:Set up 2 Rubber Injection in automation
  • 1993:Build laboratory, install machinery and tools companion open
  • 2000:Expanded and moved (Nowon 3-ga)
  • 2003:Source by Korea company


  • Management
  • Sales
  • Development
  • Quality Management
  • Plant & Factory - Vulcanized Rubber, Assembly, Press, Molding, Shipping

Main products

  • Engine Mounting
  • Trail Link Ass'y
  • Lower Arm Ass'y
  • Ruber Bushing
  • Stabilizer Link Ass'y
  • Upper Arm Ass'y
  • Cushion Rod
  • Fork Clutch Release
  • Strut Shock Absor Mount
  • Stopper Bound
  • Side Brack Shoe Ass'y
  • Rack End
  • Speed Gear Set
  • Roller Ass'y
  • Tid Rod End
  • Seal Kit Joint Ass'y
  • Ball Joint

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