Get Together (Youngbloods song)

Get Together (Madonna song)

"Get Together" is a dance-pop song written by American singer Madonna, Stuart Price, Anders Bagge, and Peer Astrom for Madonna's tenth studio album Confessions on a Dance Floor (2005). The song was produced by Madonna and Price and released as the album's third single. While it reached number one in Hungary and Spain, "Get Together" peaked within the top ten in Canada, China, Finland, Italy, Taiwan, and the UK. In the United States the song was another success on the Billboard dance charts, where it reached the top position on the Hot Dance Airplay chart and the Dance Club chart. It was nominated in the category of "Best Dance Recording" at the 2007 Grammy Awards.

Song information

Even though "Jump" was assumed to have been advertised as the third release from the album due to its inclusion on the promotional-sticker located on the front of the physical release of Confessions on a Dance Floor, "Get Together" was chosen by Warner Bros. Records as the third international single from the album after the worldwide success of "Hung Up" and "Sorry". It was released on June 6, 2006 in North America, Australia, and Europe, and on July 24 in the UK to coincide with the start of the European leg of her Confessions Tour. However, the digital download single was made available at the U.S. iTunes Music Store as of May 30, 2006.

The remix to the album cut "I Love New York" is the B-side to the single in the U.S./E.U. markets and served as a cross-promotion for Madonna's Re-Invention Tour-documentary I'm Going to Tell You a Secret, which was also released worldwide in June. In some countries, "I Love New York" was not included in the tracklisting to the single. The CD/DVD release includes the original demo version of the song which contains alternate lyrics. The single also features cover artwork that includes a picture of Madonna and her Confessions Tour crew members including the song's producer Stuart Price. It is actually a photoshop montage rather than a group shot. The photo alternatively can also be found on the inlay cover of the I'm Going to Tell You a Secret CD+DVD release.

Multiple un-official remixes have been produced for the song. Peter Rauhofer played his private remix of "Get Together" at his shows which is not commissioned by the label. Also Tony Moran and Jody Den Broeder together remixed "Get Together" and they used their mixes for their Myspace page. Roger Sanchez officially remixed "Get Together" which remix is called ("S-Man's Fired Up Mix") but the remix was rejected by the label. He used this mix for his Release Yourself radio shows. In the UK a limited edition 12" vinyl picture disc was produced containing the Radio Edit, and the Jacques Lu Cont Mix Edit.

"Get Together" was nominated for "Best Dance Recording" at the 49th Annual Grammy Awards.

On May 27, 2008, the original demo produced by Anders Bagge and Peer Astrom leaked onto the internet. It is greatly different from the final album version, featuring different synths, alternate vocals, and a bassline similar to that of the Donna Summer song, "I Feel Love".

Chart performance

In the United States, "Get Together" debuted at number nineteen on the Billboard Bubbling Under Hot 100 Singles chart and rose thirteen positions in its second week to number six. While a commercial disappointment on the Hot 100, the song was a hit on the dance charts and became Madonna's thirty-sixth release to reach the top of the Billboard Dance Chart. It also performed well on the Hot Dance Airplay chart and Hot Dance Singles Sales chart, where it reached number one for one week.

In Canada the song peaked at number seventy-five on the airplay chart. The CD single was issued on July 4 2006, and it debuted at number five on the singles chart. In Australia "Get Together" debuted at number thirteen and became a hit on the dance chart, where it reached number three. In the United Kingdom, the single continued Madonna's run of Top 10 hits from the Confessions on a Dance Floor album, but had the weakest chart run, at just six weeks and has sold 67,163 copies to date. In Romania the song had a disappointing position, just missing the top 20, peaking at number 21, while the previous 2 singles reached number 1.

Music videos

There are two slightly different music videos for "Get Together" and one rumoured; however, both versions feature Madonna's live performance at the KOKO Club in London, England on November 15, 2005 during her Confessions on a Dance Floor promotional tour. The rumoured version is the backdrop used for The Confessions Tour during which Madonna performs "Get Together" live. All plans to release it were scrapped, stating the video was "uncommercial".

Original version

The original video for "Get Together" (directed and animated by Logan, an animation company in Venice, California) was heavily inspired by Italian artist Milo Manara's erotic artwork. Cartoon effects were added to the footage and they show the world evolving through time, with erupting volcanoes, flying dinosaurs and finally an urban panorama on the background. This version premiered online on June 14, 2006 on VH1's website in the US and on television on Channel 4 in the UK. See the video here

  • Director: Logan
  • Producer: Logan
  • Director of Photography: Logan
  • Editor: Logan
  • Production Company: Logan

Alternate version

The alternate video for "Get Together" (directed by Eugene Riecansky) was changed by Warner Bros. Records for the second version by Logan that was officially released. This version was finally released on May 19, 2007 through Madonna's online fanclub, Icon. See the video here.

  • Director: Eugene Riecansky
  • Producer: Helene Polverelli
  • Director of Photography: Eugene Riecansky
  • Editor: Eugene Riecansky
  • Production Company: Rockstar

Confessions Tour Version

Madonna also shot a third video which was made especially for the Confessions Tour. This version uses many special effects, such as kaleidoscope mirrors, and is entirely in black and red colours. It hasn't been released commercially, but has leaked online, and can also be found on the official webpage of Steven Klein.


It was performed on the following tours:

Track listings and formats

EU CD single (9362 42950-2)AU CD single (9362-42950-2)

  1. "Get Together" (Radio Edit) — 3:57
  2. "Get Together" (Jacques Lu Cont Mix) — 6:18
  3. "Get Together" (Tiefschwarz Remix) — 7:34UK 12" promo vinyl (PRO 15953)
  4. A "Get Together" (Tiefschwarz Remix) — 7:34
  5. B "Get Together" (James Holden Remix) — 8:00 UK 12" vinyl (picture disc)(W725T)
  6. A "Get Together" (Radio Edit) — 3:57
  7. B "Get Together" (Jacques Lu Cont Mix) — 6:18

EU Maxi-CD (9362 42935-2)US Maxi-CD (42935-2)CA Maxi-CD (CDW 42935)

  1. "Get Together" (Album Version) — 5:15
  2. "Get Together" (Jacques Lu Cont Mix) — 6:18
  3. "Get Together" (The Danny Howells & Dick Trevor Kinky/Funk Mix) — 9:13
  4. "Get Together" (Tiefschwarz Remix) — 7:34
  5. "Get Together" (James Holden Remix) — 8:00
  6. "I Love New York" (Thin White Duke Mix) — 7:43
UK promo CD single (PR015952)

  1. "Get Together" (Radio Edit) — 3:57
  2. "Get Together" (Jaques Lu Cont Vocal Edit) — 4:22
  3. "Get Together" (The Danny Howells & Dick Trevor Kinky/Funk Mix) — 9:13 UK CD single 1 (W725CD)
  4. "Get Together" (Radio Edit) — 3:57
  5. "Get Together" (Jaques Lu Cont Vocal Edit) — 4:22UK CD single 2 (W725CD2)
  6. "Get Together" (Album Version) — 5:15
  7. "Get Together" (Jacques Lu Cont Mix) — 6:18
  8. "Get Together" (The Danny Howells & Dick Trevor Kinky/Funk Mix) — 9:13
  9. "Get Together" (Tiefschwarz Remix) — 7:34
  10. "Get Together" (James Holden Remix) — 8:00 US 2 x 12" vinyl (0-42935)
  11. A1 "Get Together" (Album Version) — 5:15
  12. A2 "Get Together" (Jacques Lu Cont Mix) — 6:18
  13. B1 "Get Together" (Tiefschwarz Remix) — 7:34
  14. B2 "I Love New York" (Thin White Duke Mix) — 7:43
  15. C "Get Together" (James Holden Remix) — 8:00
  16. D "Get Together" (The Danny Howells & Dick Trevor Kinky/Funk Mix) — 9:13US PROMOTIONAL CD (Summer Reel 2006)
  17. "Get Together" (The Danny Howells & Dick Trevor Kinky Funk Mix Edit) is included and is otherwise unavailable on any format - 5:13

Official versions

  • Album Version (Mixed) (5:30)
  • Album Version (Unmixed) (5:16)
  • Radio Edit (3:56)
  • Japanese Promotional Media Edit (4:20)
  • Jacques Lu Cont Mix (6:16)
  • Jacques Lu Cont Vocal Edit (4:24)
  • Danny Howells and Dick Trevor KinkyFunk Mix (9:13)
  • Danny Howells and Dick Trevor Kinkyfunk Edit (5:14) (i-Tunes Exclusive)
  • Tiefschwarz Mix (7:34)
  • Tiefschwarz Edit (4:55) (iTunes Exclusive)
  • James Holden Mix (8:00)
  • James Holden Edit (5:14) (iTunes Exclusive)
  • Original Anders Bagge and Peer Åström Version (3:50) (Unreleased but Leaked)


Sales, Downloads Peak
U.S. Billboard Dance Singles Sales 1
U.S. Billboard Singles Sales 2
U.S. Billboard Hot 100 106
U.S. Billboard Digital Songs 112
European Union Singles Chart 7
Europe (Billboard) 18
Australia (sales) 13
Austria (sales) 35
Belgium (F) (sales) 22
Belgium (W) (sales) 33
Brazil Top 40 Singles 19
Canada (sales) 4
China Top 40 Singles (sales)
Denmark (sales) 12
Finland (sales) 6
France (sales) 26
Germany (sales) 28
Greece (sales) 11
Hungary (sales) 1
Ireland (sales) 17
Italy (sales) 2
Netherlands Top100 (sales) 14
Netherlands Top40 (sales + downloads) 13
Spain (sales) 1
Sweden (sales) 15
Switzerland (sales) 24
UK (sales) 7
UK (downloads) 7
Airplay, Club play Peak
U.S. Billboard Dance Radio Airplay 1
U.S. Billboard Hot Dance Club Play 1
U.S. Billboard Pop 100 84
Europe (Nielsen) 18
Europe (Charly) 7
Albania (airplay) 16
Argentina (airplay) 24
Belgium (airplay) 1
Brazil Hot100 (airplay) 19
Canada (airplay) 75
Colombia (airplay) 6
Chile (airplay) 18
Croatia (airplay) 1
Czech Republic (airplay) 13
Denmark (airplay) 15
Estonia (airplay) 4
Finland (airplay) 12
France (airplay) 18
Germany (airplay) 20
Hungary (airplay) 25
Ireland (airplay) 25
Israel (airplay) 7
Latvian Airplay Top 50 11
Luxemburg (airplay) 5
Netherlands (airplay) 7
Poland (airplay) 1
Romania (airplay) 21
Russia/Moscow (airplay) 31
Slovakia (airplay) 2
Slovenia (airplay) 6
South Africa, Republic of (airplay) 3
Switzerland (airplay) 16
Turkey Capital Radio Chart 1
Turkey Power Fm Charts 1
Ukraine (airplay) 1
UK (airplay) 8
Uruguay (airplay) 12
Venezuela (airplay) 1
Argentina Top 40 21

Credits and personnel

  • Lead vocals — Madonna
  • Recorded by Stuart Price at Shirland Road
  • Assistant engineer – Alex Dromgode
  • Audio mixing — Mark "Spike" Stent
  • Mastered by Brian "Big Bass" Gardner
  • Avidivva (aka Dustin Robertson)

Notes and references



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