Germiston, Glasgow

Germiston, Glasgow

This article is about Germiston in Glasgow, Scotland. For the Germiston in South Africa, see Germiston, Gauteng.

Germiston is a district in the Scottish city of Glasgow. It is situated north of the River Clyde.

The area forms part of the suburb of Springburn, and during Glasgow's growth during the Industrial Revolution, it was a vital part of the city's locomotive manufacturing industry, as well as sitting upon a major railway junction. Germiston Works, one of such locomotive factories was sold onto the Cape Asbestos Company, who used it to manufacture fireproof insulation materials. The plant still exists to this day, and now uses the safer Calcium Silicate for such material.

A narrow gauge underground railway used to exist at Germiston, however the majority of the path it once took as now been "filled-in" to develop the land for house building. The tunnel, which runs from Darnick Street Tunnel to Royston Road Forge Street has long since fallen into disuse. The Tunnel, known locally as the "Blind Tunnel", has now been blocked completely by metal fencing to ensure no unauthorised access is gained. The underground railway from Germiston was used to transport coke to nearby Provan Gas Works for the manufacture of gas.

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