George and Martha

George and Martha

George and Martha is an animated children's television show which comprises 26 episodes made in 1999. The program revolves around the lives of two hippos: George and Martha (voiced by Nathan Lane and Andrea Martin respectively). Produced by Nelvana and initially seen on YTV in Canada, the show is based on a series of books written and illustrated by James Marshall.


George and Martha are best friends who have adventures everyday, doing most everything together. These things include roller skating, swimming in the pool, eating ice cream, and going to comedy clubs. The series teaches us what friendship is all about in a humorous way. George and Martha have a countless number of fights but always seem to work things out. It is a common misconception that George and Martha are a married couple, due to their extremely close relationship. This is dispelled, however, in the episode, The Prize, in which George and Martha win a television set. They quarrel over who can keep the television because the two live in separate houses, thus indicating that they are not married.


The George and Martha books comprise the following titles:

  • George and Martha (c) 1972
  • George and Martha Encore (c) 1973
  • George and Martha Rise and Shine (c) 1976
  • George and Martha One Fine Day (c) 1978
  • George and Martha Tons of Fun (c) 1980
  • George and Martha Back in Town (c) 1984
  • George and Martha Round and Round (c) 1988
  • George and Martha The Complete Stories of Two Best Friends, with a foreword by Maurice Sendak (c) 1997

Episode list

Season one

  • 1. The Dance Recital / The Tooth
  • 2. The Snoop / A Day at the Beach
  • 3. The Scary Movie / The Book
  • 4. The Big Scare / The French Lesson
  • 5. The Mirror / The Special Gifts
  • 6. The Picnic / The Trickster
  • 7. The Trip / The Experiment
  • 8. The Triple Dare / The Icky Story
  • 9. The Garden / Split Pea Soup
  • 10. The Acting Class / Baby Doll
  • 11. The Comedian / The Prize
  • 12. The Misunderstanding / The Secret Club
  • 13. The Hypnotist / The Sweet Tooth

Season two

  • 14. The Cold / The Campout
  • 15. The Reader / The Decorator
  • 16. The Badminton Tournament / The Caddy
  • 17. The Roller Derby / The Spa
  • 18. The Argument / Happy Palms' Finest
  • 19. The Flying Donut / Martha's Cousin
  • 20. The Big Splash / My Stars!
  • 21. The Blabbermouth / Life and Breath
  • 22. The Best Friends Show / The Sleepwalker
  • 23. Funny Business / The Tease
  • 24. The Play's the Thing / The Sore Loser
  • 25. The Costumed Duo / Temper Temper
  • 26. The Fibber / The Mascot



Season one

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