Geon (psychology)


Geon may refer to:

  • Geon is short for Geonim, rabbis in the medieval era.
  • In geology, Geons are numerically specified geologic time intervals (geological eons) 100 million years long, counted backward from the present.
  • In physics, a Geon was a hypothetical gravitational wave packet confined to a compact region by the gravitational attraction of its own field energy.
  • In psychology, Geons (called geons, for 'geometric ions') are geometrical primitives out of which everyday objects can be represented, as suggested by psychologist Irving Biederman.
  • Geon is a character from the "King of the Monsters" series of video games.
  • Geon: Emotions, also known simply as Geon, a video game for Xbox 360's Xbox Live Arcade service and PlayStation 3's PlayStation Network.

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