Geometry & Topology

Geometry & Topology

Geometry & Topology (ISSN 1364-0380 online, 1465-3060 printed) is a peer-refereed, international mathematics research journal devoted to geometry and topology, and their applications. It is currently based at the University of Warwick, United Kingdom, and published by Mathematical Sciences Publishers, a nonprofit academic publishing organisation.

It was founded in 1997 by a group of topologists who were dissatisfied with recent substantial rises in subscription prices of journals published by major publishing corporations. The aim was to set up a high-quality, open access journal, capable of competing with existing journals, but with substantially lower subscription fees.

The journal has grown to be well-respected in its field, and has in recent years published a number of important papers, in particular proofs of the Property P conjecture and the Birman conjecture.

Full-text PDF and Postscript versions of all journal articles are available via the journal's website, and are also deposited in the arXiv. A traditional printed version is also published, at present on an annual basis.

Academic editors

The current academic editors of the journal are:

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