is a genealogy-related social networking website launched in beta mode on January 16 2007 by Web 2.0 company Geni, Inc. Over ten million profiles were created on Geni as of November 12, 2007.. Geni is also the parent company of instant messaging service Yammer.


The Founders Fund, a private venture capital firm, invested "more than $1 million”. Charles River Ventures, a private venture capital firm, has also invested US$10 million dollars.

Website features

At the website users enter names and email addresses of their parents, siblings, and other relatives, as well as profiles with various fields of biographical information about themselves and their relatives. From there users may graphically manipulate sections of their connections network to create a complete personal family tree.

The service uses the contact information to invite additional members to join, and builds a comprehensive social network database from the information collectively entered by members. For now users may only see information belonging to themselves and to people in their immediate network who have given them permission.

Family Tree Awards

Members of each family are ranked by the amount of contributions to the family tree and are given awards within the family tree itself. These contributions can range from amount of pictures uploaded, number of users invited to the tree, etc. Each user is thus ranked and given awards if they are within the top 13 people of doing so.


Users can import their family history into Geni using the popular GEDCOM format. The launch of this features makes it easy to move their research into Geni to easily share it with their family.

Users can also export a GEDCOM of their family tree from Geni.

Revenue model is not presently earning revenue. The company plans to make money by targeting advertising to users based on the demographic information they provide. It is considering charging for a premium subscription service.

Similar companies

There are similar Family2.0 social networking sites that include genealogy capabilities. These sites include Famiva, Amiglia and MyHeritage.

Computer software company The Generations Network, maker of popular software title Family Tree Maker, has operated a paid genealogy subscription site and web portal since 1998 under brands,, and, and WebBiographies, by contrast, are free.

Geni is to some extent modeled after social networking site LinkedIn, a popular site for business-related social networking.

After Geni's launch, several (mostly international) companies have appeared trying to copy its product and business model. For example, the German website makes unauthorized usage of the Geni Flash application, and copies the family networking aspect of Geni in its entirety.

The Danish Web 2.0 company has similarities with, but does not focus upon genealogy but upon building global, vivid networks like MySpace or Facebook with family relations alone connecting people.


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