Generalitat de Catalunya

Ferrocarrils de la Generalitat de Catalunya

Ferrocarrils de la Generalitat de Catalunya (Catalan Government Railways), or FGC, is a railway company which operates several unconnected lines in Catalonia, Spain. It operates 140 km (88 miles) of metre gauge, 42 km (24 miles) of standard gauge, and 89 km (56 miles) of broad gauge route, two metre gauge rack railways and four funicular railways.

Barcelona commuter lines

FGC operates some of the Barcelona commuter rail network. All lines are electrified using overhead wires. There are two distinct (and separate) systems:

The line numbering is as follows:

  • L-prefixed lines (L for Línia - line) are treated as part of the Barcelona metro system, which consists of L1-L5 for the metro proper, L6-L8 on the FGC, L9 under construction, and L11, a short light rail line system in the northwest - see Barcelona Metro. These lines used to be known as U6-U7 (U for Urbà - urban). L8 was formerly known as S3.
  • S-prefixed lines (S for Suburbà) are suburban lines, extending into metropolitan fare zone 2 or 3.
  • R-prefixed lines (R for Rodalies) are Interurban lines, extending beyond zone 3. Lines R1-R4 and R7 (sometimes C1-C4/C7, C for Cercanías) are operated by RENFE, R5 and R6 by FGC.

Mountain railway and funicular lines

FGC operates two mountain railway lines, both metre gauge using the Abt rack railway system:

FGC also operates four funicular railways:

Broad-gauge lines

On 1 January 2005, ownership of the non-electrified broad-gauge line from Lleida to La Pobla de Segur passed from RENFE to FGC. This is the most run-down line in Catalonia - the stretch from Lleida to Balaguer was upgraded (using second-hand rails) in the recent past, but from Balaguer northwards the track is in an appalling state. FGC has a number of plans for this line, including increasing the service frequency from three trains a day to a 30-minute service from Balaguer to Lleida, along the lines of a commuter railway; replacing all the rails and sleepers; introducing new trains to replace the ancient diesel stock currently used; and promotion of the line to tourists (it passes through some scenic countryside at its northern end). There are even plans to extend the line to the Pyrenees and possibly on to connect with railways in France - the plan when the line was built, but never carried out.

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