General De Kock

Hendrik Merkus de Kock

Hendrik Merkus, Baron de Kock (May 25, 1779April 12, 1845) was a Dutch military general, minister and senator.

Hendrik Merkus de Kock was born in Heusden, Netherlands on May 25, 1779.

In 1801 he joined the Batavian navy, and by 1807 was posted to the Dutch East Indies. In 1821 he commanded a military expedition to Palembang to suppress a local uprising. Later, as lieutenant governor-general (1826-1830), De Kock led the fight against Prince Diponegoro in the Java War.

The triumphant commander was declared a baron in 1835, and served in the Dutch government as minister of foreign affairs and minister of state from 1836-1842. He remained a member of the upper chamber of parliament until his death. He died in The Hague on April 12, 1845.

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