Geneious is a commercial, cross-platform bioinformatics application.


Geneious comes in a basic version that is free for academic use, and a commercial Pro version with added features. Geneious tries to bundle various bioinformatics tools under one hood.

Popularity and awards

According to its authors, in May 2007 Geneious had 50,000 users from 30 countries, and it has gathered attention on GenomeWeb, BioInform, Bio-IT World and bioinformatics blogs. It was also awarded the 2007 World Summit Award in the category e-science, and a 2007 Computerworld Excellence award for innovative use of ICT.


Geneious is sometimes criticized for trying to be everything to everyone, leading to obscure, not frequently used features and a long startup time (citation needed). It has also been criticized for being commercial, and for not offering unique killer features not available in any of its competitors.


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