Gendarmerie (Turkey)

Gendarmerie (Turkey)

The Turkish Gendarmerie (Jandarma Genel Komutanlığı) is a branch of the Turkish Armed Forces and it is responsible for the maintenance of the public order in areas that fall outside the jurisdiction of police forces (generally in rural areas), as well as assuring internal security and general border control along with carrying out other specific duties assigned to it by certain laws and regulations. It is an armed security and law enforcement force of military nature.

As a part of the Turkish Armed Forces, The General Command of The Gendarmerie is subordinated to The General Staff in matters relating to training and education in connection with the Armed Forces, and to the Ministry of Interior in matters relating to the performance of the safety and public order duties. The Commander of the Gendarmerie is responsible to the Ministry of Interior.

Chief of the Turkish General Staff: General İlker Başbuğ

Commander of the Gendarmerie: General Avni Atila Işık


The structure of Turkish Gendarmerie consists of:

  • Internal Security Forces Command
  • Border Forces Command
  • Training Forces Command
  • Gendarmerie Schools Command
  • Logistics Command

Main equipment

Armored personnel carriers
302 BTR-60PB (upgraded)
250+ Otokar Akrep (4x4)
150+ Otokar Cobra (4x4)
60 Dragon 300 (AFV) (4x4)
25 Condor (APC) (4x4)
35 UR416 (4x4)
200 Cadillac Gage (4x4)
200 Cadillac V150/S (4x4)
300+ Shorland S55 (4x4)
5 RN 94 (6x6)
47 Sisu Nasu
21 S-70A28 Blackhawk
5 S-70A17 Blackhawk
48 AB205A1-T2
14 AB205A1
18 Mi-17 IVA


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