Gempak is a Malaysian comic/gaming/hobby magazine, published by Art Square Creation since June 1998. The main slogan on this comic magazine is Majalah Komik Generasi Baru. It is the first magazine in Malaysia to introduce local comic artists to an international audience. Some might criticize the artists' skill as a copycat of manga by Japanese artists, but some claim if compared that it is totally different and brings a new brand of manga, which categorized as 'Grafik Novel' (novel graphic). Gempak­ also comes out as the first Malaysia info-comic magazine which brings out news & articles about the ACG (Animation, Comics & Games) world in and outside of the country. The mission is to provide knowledge to Malaysians especially youngsters about the related industries. It is also their mission to encourage such industries to be developed locally, so Malaysian artists can share their talents globally.


Gempak debuted on June 1, 1998, at a time when Malaysia was attempting to recover from the 1997 economic crisis. The economic crisis brought a hard impact on Malaysian comic industry.

In order to gain a place in Malaysia comic market, Art Square Creation incorporated info-comic approach which became the main formula of GEMPAK's success, and the new standard format for many Malaysian comics. It took 18 months for them to pick up their success without any help from other media advertisements. Started as monthly issue, now it's bi-monthly issue with still so many demands that the magazine should go for weekly issue.

Gempak gained their success and its concept as info-comic magazine has become a trend to any new comic magazines. Even one of Malaysia's giant publisher such as Karangkraf Sdn. Bhd. has picked up the trend by releasing new info-comic magazine titled 'JOM'. Sadly it was not a success so they later combined the pages to their another info-comic magazine titled 'G3' (a competitor to another local comic magazines; 'UJANG' & 'APO?' by Moy Publications).

The success of 'Gempak' magazine triggered the success of the publisher, Art Square Creation Sdn. Bhd. which now named as Art Square Group with 3 subsidiaries; Art Square Creation Sdn. Bhd, Anjung Taipan Sdn. Bhd. & Gala Unggul Sdn. Bhd. All the products by Art Square Group are labelled under their own brand 'GEMPAK STARZ'.


Beside magazines, Art Square Group published more than 200 products under the brand of GEMPAK STARZ. The products include novel graphics, t-shirts, caps, mugs, toys, posters, illustration books, stationaries and few more merchandising as collection items.


With big success of GEMPAK magazine, Art Square Creation Sdn. Bhd. able to expand the business to wider audiences by publishing more magazines & other related products. They even planned to organize a big event, 'Malaysia Comics & Toys Carnival 2001' with the hope of participation from all local comic publishers. It took a year plan, 50% confirmed participation from overseas like Japan, US, China, Taiwan, Korea & Hong Kong. But none of Malaysia comic publishers eager to participate for they thought Art Square Creation Sdn. Bhd. is rival (competitor). But that doesn't stop Art Square Creation Sdn. Bhd. did their own show in 2001, 'COMICS & TOYS 2001'. It was a success with participations of fans from all over the country. That was their landmark to organize more similar event. In 2002, one of the biggest success and marked a big impact to local comic industry was their 1st 'MALAYSIA COMICS CARNIVAL'. This was Art Square Creation Sdn. Bhd. own carnival that brought all their die-hard-fans (Kipas-Susah-Mati) together for 3 days. That was the start for the annual 'MALAYSIA COMICS CARNIVAL' which has been running every year. This year (2007), all Malaysian comics lover will gather again at Sg. Wang Plaza, KL to witness another 'MALAYSIA COMICS CARNIVAL'. This time around, once again fans participate in 'PERADUAN BAKAT BARU MALAYSIA 2007'(1 of local successful comic drawing contest) with sponsorship from Microsoft Hardware, Curinet, Dasein Academy of Art & ECHOpark. Another attraction is the appearance of Kenny Wong (Brothersfree) to promote his own toy line, LITTE MOLLY. Plus the 8 ambassadors of Malaysia International Aerospace 2007 (MIA 2007) & also new products from GEMPAK STARZ which only be launch during this carnival. Not forgetting, Malaysia own cosplay members! This is the most awaited day for all GEMPAK STARZ lovers.

List of Gempak's comic

1. Mat Gempak - by Apoh and Botak
2. Experiment 105 - by Totoro
3. 5th Dimension - by Oga
4. Detektif Hantu - by Totoro
5. Hikayat Jinggo Si Pemburu - by Kenny
6. Shadow Quest - by Clay
7. Under 18 - by Zint
8. 5 Elemen - by Kash
9. Siri Maskaret Cinta (Permanent Section) - Various Cartoonist
10. Dari Alam Angker/Komik Angker (Permanent Section) - Various Cartoonist
11. Wasabi - by Keith
12. Lawak Kampus - by Keith
13. Zoology - by Stanley G, Neko, Jo and Keith
14. Helios Eclipse - by Kaoru
15. Fatal Chaos - by Ben
16. Komik Eksklusif (Permanent Section) - Various Cartoonist
17. Under 18 No Fear - by Zint
18. Falcon - by Clay
19. Velocity - by Puppeteer
20. Go Notty - by Nazim Bachok
21. Neko (Doujinshi Comic) - by Xanseviera
22. Dunia Cahaya - by Kash
23. Komik Antarabangsa - International Artist(Outdated)
24. Dewi Remaja (Manhwa) - by Lee Ju
25. Glock 17 - by Ageha
26. Journey To The West/Raja Monyet - by Totoro
27. Kishiro Budak Sihir - by Bear
28. Jangka Atribut- by Clay
29. Jejak Neraka - by Cicak
30. Taufan Pesaka 1,2,3 - (1 and 2 by Hang Sembilan, 3 by Kash)
31. Zaman Gemilang - by Hang Sembilan
32. Evolusi Identiti - by Puppeteer
33. Jinggo (Remake) - by Puppeteer
34. Mat Gempak (Remake) - by Apoh
35. Detektif Hantu (Remake) - by Totoro
36. G.R.A.V.E - by Totoro
37. MFEO (Meant For Each Other) - by Zint
38. Xpresi Tempur - by Zint
39. Jackie Perang Pit - by Taufan
40. Fear Factor - by Taufan
41. Pop! Bang! Boom! - by Kenny
42. Pahlawan Raja Alam - by Taufan
43. Red Fox - by King Kong
44. Sharkman The Hitman - by Zint
45. Student King - by Stanley G
46. Showtime! - by Jo
47. Gengkey - by C2V
48. Gengkey (Remake) - by C2V
49. X-Pax Channel Comic (Advertisement Comic) - Various Cartoonist
50. IT Ekspress (Advertisement Comic) - by Neko
51. Hotlink Warrior (Advertisement Comic) - by Slaium
52. Drak - by Slaium
53. Lawak Valentine - by Kaoru
54. Oxer - by Oga
55. Kisah Pengembaraan Kroit - by Zint and K.C
56. Gol Kraziee 2000 - by Kash
57. Twisted Mind of Puyuh - by Puyuh@Leong Wan Kok
58. K.O King-by Zint

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