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Beauty and the Geek (UK TV series)

Beauty and the Geek is a reality television show, first aired in the United Kingdom on E4 on February 7, 2006, following the success of the format in the USA, and was advertised similarly as the "the Ultimate Social Experiment". The first series ended on 14 March, and was repeated on Channel 4 beginning on 31 March. There is no host per se, although voiceovers are provided by David Mitchell of Peep Show fame and the physical actions normally requiring a host are performed by a silent "butler" known as "Gates" (actor Alex Purves).


Like its US counterpart, the show matches physically attractive, but intellectually challenged women with geeky-looking, socially inept, "genius" men, and have them try to learn from each other. The women try to learn about academia such as rocket science or anatomy from the men, while the men try to learn social skills from the women. Each pair must share a room (for some this meant sleeping in the same bed) in a large Scottish castle (Blairquhan Castle in Ayrshire) that provides the setting of the show.

The show begins with seven "beauties" and seven "geeks". The men and women take turns choosing partners by introducing themselves in gender-divided rooms. Once paired off, the teams work together to become proficient in unfamiliar areas of study. Their skills are tested in a series of competitions, usually one for the men and one for the women. The winners of each competition get to choose one team each to go to an elimination round, or both if each partner wins their respective round. In the elimination room, the women then the men answer three questions each about their area of study. The team with the most points (or the winner of the tiebreaker in the event of a tie) remains in the castle. The other team leaves immediately.

The last team remaining wins £40,000, split evenly.

Series 1


The Beauties The Geeks
Alex Slater
"Boxing Ring Beauty"
"Young Conservative"
Elissa Friday
"Model/Aspiring Actress"
"Wildlife Fundraiser"
Carrie Watson
"Booty Dancer"
"Computer Scientist"
Hayley Dixon
"Podium Dancer"
"Evolutionary Biologist"
Natalie Pike
"High Street Honey"
Sam Wyness
"Essex Girl"
"Former Child Prodigy"
Teri Marquez
"Page Three Girl"


Week Beauty (Winner) Geek (Winner) Sent Home
1 Spelling Bee (Natalie) Dancing Competition (Ben) Carrie and Philip
2 Human Body (Natalie) Massage (Will) Hayley and David
3 Rocket Science (Elissa) Women's Fashion (John) Natalie & Jamie
Beauties get drinks bought/Geeks get phone numbers (Alex & Will)
Elissa & Ben
Outdoor Challenge (Sam & Edmund)
Alex & Will
(How much do you know about your Partner)
Sam & Edmund
Teri & John

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