Geddes, Sir Patrick

Geddes, Sir Patrick

Geddes, Sir Patrick, 1854-1932, Scottish biologist and sociologist, distinguished especially in town planning. He received his biological training in T. H. Huxley's laboratory; from the beginning he was interested in relating biological knowledge to civic welfare. His conviction of the importance of environment led to the organization of University Hall in Edinburgh as a center of student life and to his plan for the reconstruction of Edinburgh, with the eventual elimination of slums. He was selected by Zionist leaders to design the Hebrew Univ. building at Jerusalem and to plan the enlargement of the city. In biology, Geddes was an authority on the evolution of sex, collaborating with Sir J. Arthur Thomson in several works on the subject. Other books by Geddes include City Development (1904) and Cities in Evolution (1915). Geddes held professorships at Edinburgh, London, Aberdeen, St. Andrews, and Bombay (now Mumbai) and at his death was director of the Scots College, Montpellier, France. He was knighted in 1932.
Geddes is a surname and a place name.


Nearly all people who share the surname Geddes have ancestry traced to a clan in the Scottish Highlands. Many also have a connection to a Baron born of Clan Geddes whose standard is a red shield with three pikes on its face.There is a small hamlet and a burn called Geddes just North of Cawdor Castle in the County of Nairn. Its a fair bet that the name originated from this spot. The land round about was owned by the Rose clan and it is likely that the Geddes sect would have been under the influence of this clan.

Because the Geddes sect was quite small,it did not have its own tartan. However because the family (at various times in history) owed allegiance to 3 different,and bigger families (clans), it can be said that anyone named Geddes is entitled to wear the tartans of these clans. They are Gordon, Ross and Rose.


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  • Geddes Granger, also known as Makandal Daaga, a Trinidad and Tobago political activist and former revolutionary.



  • Ladang Geddes, largest estate in Malaysia around 1930 to 1950, famous with the rubber plantation.


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