Gearbulk Holding Ltd

Gearbulk Holding Limited

Gearbulk Holding Limited is an international shipping company headquartered in Hamilton, Bermuda. The company operates the world's largest fleet of open hatch gantry and semi-open jib craned vessels. These vessels specialize in carrying unitised breakbulk cargoes like forest products, non-ferrous metals, and steel. The company also has a revenue stream in terminal operations.

Gearbulk was founded by Kristian Gerhard Jebsen of Bergen, Norway in 1968.


The Gearbulk fleet consists of over 70 vessels, most of which are "open hatch gantry craned (OHGC)" vessels. Standardizing on this design makes the vessels interchangeable, and offers operational flexibility.

Gearbulk also operates open hatch jib craned (Fleximax) vessels and several bulk carriers for general bulk cargoes. The company has an extensive new building program.



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