Gausón was a semi-legendary Astur general who fought the Romans in the Astur-Cantabrian Wars (29 BC-19 BC).

Little is known about Gausón due to the lack of classical sources, but historical codexes, oral tradition and other several sources do mention his presence on the Cantabrian Wars as a military leader of the Astur armies who attacked the Roman legions near the town of Lancia during the Bellum Asturicum campaign.

Historical sources

The Gran Enciclopedia Asturiana (Great Asturian Encyclopedia ) says:

However, the most part of the above references to Gausón seem to be sourced in the chronicle of the relevant historian priest Luis Alfonso de Carvallo (1571, 1635), which was based on previous ecclesiastical and historical codexes and works, some of them now lost: This chronicle thus agrees with the Florus official Roman chronicle : In a similar way, Luis Alfonso de Carvallo continues:

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