Gato negro dragón rojo

Gato negro dragón rojo

Gato negro dragón rojo (English: Black cat-red dragon, also styled: Gato negro◆dragón rojo) is the fifth studio album from Spanish Folk rock group Amaral. It was released on May 27, 2008 in Spain. All album mastering and recording finished on 2008-04-25..


The album's physical release will have four different editions:

  • The standard 2-disc album.
  • The 2-disc album, with an extended 40-page booklet.
  • Limited edition boxset with the 40-page booklet version, and additional extras.
  • USB memory key, with the 19 songs, PDF booklet and extras.

On 24 May, it was announced that the album will also be available to pre-order for download on the release date, at This version priced at €7.95, will include the songs in MP3, a PDF booklet among others.


On 2008-05-08 the tracklist was officially announced. Also announced was that the first disc is to be referred to as "Gato negro", while the second, "Dragón rojo". The tracklist has been announced to be as follows:

Gato negro (CD1)

  1. Kamikaze — #1 (SP)
  2. Tarde de domingo rara - Strange Sunday afternoon
  3. La barrera del sonido - The sound barrier
  4. Las chicas de mi barrio - The girls in my neighbourhood
  5. Esta noche - Tonight
  6. Las puertas del infierno - The gates of hell
  7. Biarritz
  8. Gato negro - Black cat
  9. Rock & Roll

Dragón rojo (CD2)

  1. Perdóname - Pardon me
  2. Alerta - Alert
  3. El blues de la generación perdida - The lost generation's blues
  4. De carne y hueso - Flesh and blood (literally: Of flesh and bone)
  5. Dragón rojo - Red dragon
  6. Es sólo una canción - It's only a song
  7. El artista del alambre - The artist of the wire
  8. Deprisa - Quickly
  9. Doce palabras - Twelve words
  10. Concorde

iTunes Edition

  1. El artista del alambre (acústica)


Chart Peak Sales/Certification
Spanish Albums Chart 1 130,000
World Albums Chart 30 -


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