Gatnet is a community of practice and public policy program on Gender and Transport, addressing the problems of women, particularly Southern women, facing the everyday reality of gender inequality in the transport sector. The program deals with specific problems in specific places in Africa, Asia and Latin America, mainly in very poor outlying areas where access is an enormous problem of day to day life, often falling especially hard on women and young girls. Gatnet presently communicates via an electronic mailing list, while at the same time systematically reviewing other communications media as needed for more effective networking.

The present open collaborative program follows up on earlier international work on matters of Gender and Transport initiated by the World Bank and a group of international field collaborators in 2004. The first stage, Integrating Gender into World Bank Financed Transport Programs, was carried out by a team led by IC Net Japan and comprising the Transport Research Laboratory, IFRTD and ten gender specialists from Bangladesh, China, Laos, Lesotho, Peru, Senegal, South Africa, Uganda and Vietnam.

Gatnet represents an open collaboration and peer support network which currently brings together more than ninety field personnel working in several dozen nations, mostly in the field in developing countries.

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