Gastão Gracie

Gastão Vidigal

Gastão Vidigal was formerly known as Brioso. In 1954 it was named after a bank owner who opened a branch of his Banco Mercantil de São Paulo. The small town produces milk, corn, cotton, and coffee. Because of the geography, the town has been growning upwards towards the highway and into the farm of late David de Oliveira Florian. Some well-known ranchers there are Antonio Cabrera Mano (whose son was former Minister of Agriculture) and the Bassan family, who still own a large ranch for free range cattle raising (of the white type). The most elected town mayor is Valdelin Domingues da Silva and perhaps the most popular one was Manoel Pereira de Castilho, descendent from the original founder family. The city is mainly Catholic, but there are Protestant religions and Jehovah Witnesses as well. There used to be a good soccer team in the past before the new stadium Dona Maria Amelia de Bueno Vidigal was built. At the time one of the best players was probably Zé Marcos, along with Pavão, both former Banco Mercantil employees. One of the city Council's and Former Chamber President is Olaerico Rodrigues Barroso. Famous school teachers are possibly Dona Teresinha and Professor Roberto along with Professor Joao Carlos. A famous school Principal was probably Diretor Zezão, from the late 1970's. One of the city's educated families are the Valverde, the related Rodrigues (Mario Rodrigues) and the other Rodrigues (former pharmacy Owner).

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