Gas sculpture

Gas sculpture

Gas sculpture is a proposal made by Joan Miró in his late writings to make sculpture out of gaseous materials.

There is an example of gas sculpture in the sculpture garden at the National Gallery of Australia in Canberra. A large bank of very small nozzles is arrayed on the edge of a small rush-filled pond, and when the power is switched on a fine mist of fog billows out. The 'sculpture' has a continuously changing shape as it is affected by the water, the rushes and the air-currents in the area.

Some kinetic sculptures contain gaseous elements, such as the fog nozzles of Jean-Paul Riopelle's La Joute, which also includes fire jets, a fountain, and bronze sculptural elements.

The idea of a gas sculpture also appeared in the book Gog, by Giovanni Papini (1881-1956).

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