Gare de Rouen Rue Verte

Gare de Rouen Rue Verte

Rouen Rue-Verte (or Rive-Droite as it is its official name) is a large station serving the city of Rouen. The station is on Rue Verte in the north of the city. Services are mainly intercity but many services are local. There are also TGV from Le Havre to Marseille.


The station opened its doors in 1847 when the line from Paris to Le Havre opened to service. The line previously had its terminus at Rouen Rive-Gauche. With the increase in traffic, the construction of the new station on the North bank of the River Seine started. Rue-Verte Station was opened in 1928. The station was built in art nouveau style by Adolphe Dervaux. The station was inaugurated on 4 July 1928 by French President Gaston Doumergue. At first named Rue Verte, the station then changed name to Rive-Droite. In 1994 an interchange was built to serve Rouen tramway.


Grandes Lignes (Intercity)

Le Havre

TER (regional services)

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