[n. gang-wey; interj. gang-wey]
A gangway is the walkway between apartment buildings or houses, a term most commonly used in Chicago. It was originally a walkway between the quarterdeck and the forecastle on a sailing ship.. It later became any raised walkway or platform and an alternative name for a Tramway

Gangway was a Danish band (now-defunct), sometimes classified as indie pop. Gangway consists of Allan Jensen lead singer, Henrik Balling on guitar, Torben Johansen on keyboards, and four different drummers, Jan Christensen (1982-84), Gorm Ravn-Jonsen (1984-89), Cai Bojsen-Møller (1991-94), and Jeppe Moesgaard (1996-98).

Their first three albums tend towards Beatle-esque (and sometimes Smiths-esque) guitar pop, but later on, particularly on The Quiet Boy Ate The Whole Cake, their influences from synth-pop music, especially Pet Shop Boys shows through. They are also known for their strange and subtle lyrics that are often on the verge of surrealism. Usually near impossible to find their records in the U.S., with the strange exception of them popping up at Tower Outlet.

Their song My Girl and Me was a big hit in Denmark and was also played on MTV.

The band broke up in 1998, but on 21 October 2006, guitarist/songwriter Henrik Balling and lead singer Allan Jensen finally staged an exclusive re-union show for just 125 people at a small bar in Copenhagen. Torben Johansen was present in the audience.



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