Gangsta Pimpin'

Gangsta Pimpin'

Gangsta Pimpin' is the fifth album by Oakland rapper Dru Down. It was released on February 26, 2002 through C-Note Records.

Track listing

  1. Earhustlers
  2. What Cha Speakin' On?
  3. No Stopping My Hustle (feat. The Luniz, Space Hog)
  4. Gangstafied
  5. Pimp of the Year 2(000)
  6. Jam On It
  7. Mo' Guns (feat. The Luniz)
  8. Outstanding (feat. Sylk-E. Fyne)
  9. Don't Shoot Pimpin' (feat. AMG, Suga Free)
  10. Paper (feat. Da Productz)
  11. I Rock
  12. Give It Up (feat. Bosko)
  13. Wit It, Wit It (feat. Mellowdramatik)
  14. Giving Up Nuthin' (feat. Kurupt, Bad Azz)
  15. Bloodsucker
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