Gang war

Gang War: Bangin' In Little Rock

Gang War: Bangin' in Little Rock often referred to as Gang Bangin' in Little Rock is a 1994 HBO documentary about street gangs in Little Rock, Arkansas.


The documentary painted a hopeless and pessimistic view of the violence in the city. At the time Little Rock was one of the most dangerous cities in the country. Sitting at the intersection of two major interstates from Los Angeles and New York, it had become a haven for drug trafficking. There were prominent gang prescences of Bloods, Crips and Hoover's Folk Nation.

The documentary brought much attention to the problems in the city; the Little Rock Police force was quadrupled. As a result, the street gang problem was nearly eradicated.


A second HBO documentary aired in 2004, called Gang War 2: Back in the Hood. This documentary focused on a former gang member and his new life, as well as visiting many people from the first film. Gang War 2 was more optimistic in showing the recovery of Little Rock from the violence.

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