Gammenon the Gatherer

Gammenon the Gatherer

Gammenon the Gatherer is a fictional character in the Marvel Universe.

Gammenon is one of the Celestials, and is sent out to find various plant, animal and humanoid specimens for experimentation. He reports to Jemiah and often travels with Eson. Gammenon is the Celestials' data collector and gatherer of specimens.

Fictional character biography

Gammenon was revealed to have been among the First Celestial Host that visited Earth approximately one million years ago. He captures man-ape specimens which became Earth's first Deviants and Eternals.

As part of the Fourth Celestial Host, Gammenon lands on Earth, where he is sighted by Ajak and Dr. Daniel Damian. Gammenon captures S.H.I.E.L.D. agents Tyler, Parks, and Stevenson, and reduces them to atoms. Gammenon allows Ajak to temporarily restore the captured S.H.I.E.L.D. agents.

Gammenon also encounters Thor, and then captures an airliner and its passengers, including Don Blake, S.H.I.E.L.D. agent Johnson, and Ereshkigal. Gammenon witnesses the transformation of Tyrannus by the Deviants's Flame of Life and his dissipation into space. Gammenon stood assembled with nine of the other members of the Fourth Host in Peru, and participates in the repulsion of the attack by the Destroyer, the Uni-Mind, and Thor. He then left Earth with the other Celestials.

Gammenon is one of the Celestials allegedly encountered by the Beyonder during the second Secret War.

Gammenon witnesses the near-destruction of the universe by a black hole created by Maelstrom.

Other versions

An alternate reality version of Gammenon fought alongside Jemiah to battle Ego the Living Planet. As Ego was about to kill the two they were saved at the last moment by Blink of the Exiles. Gammenon takes pity on her and as a reward for saving them, he and Jemiah personally escort Blink back to Earth safely while at the same time giving her a warning about the "Timebreaker."

Powers and abilities

Like other Celestials, Gammenon is a total enigma, the level of whose physical powers is unknown, probably immeasurable.

Gammenon has an extraordinarily advanced knowledge of genetics and mathematics.

As part of the First Celestial Host, Gammenon used a gathering device composed of living metal which captures and tranquilizes specimens collected by Gammenon for study and analysis by his fellow Celestials. As part of the Fourth Celestial Host, Gammenon used a gather-rod, approximately 1,250 feet in length, holding in stasis a cluster of life-seed capsules containing the stored atoms of living organisms collected by Gammenon.


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