Game Stick

Game Stick

Game Stick is a Nintendo Entertainment System hardware clone built on a joystick and sold in South America. Nevertheless, the name of the product varies in the box, user manual and the joystick itself. For example, the instruction sheet calls it "Playervision", but the system itself says "Players".

The Game Stick has no cartridge slot, or an input for a second player controller or Zapper. This means that some of the games included can't be used because of the need of a gun (Duck Hunt, for example). The system includes 76 games, but some of them are repeated or are graphical hacks (Teletubbies, for example, is just Mario Bros. with graphic changes).

The system includes only A/V cables. It uses 4 AA batteries.

Games included

These are the games included with the Game Stick. Several of them have misspelled names.

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