, sometimes shortened to waki, is one of the five stances in kendo: jōdan, chūdan, gedan, and hassō. and waki. Waki-gamae is a stance involving the swordsman hiding the length of ones own blade behind their body only exposing the pommel to the opponent. This stance was common when there was no standard length of sword and was often used as a deterrent to any opponents who did not know the range of the sword being hidden and could be used as a sort of bluff technique. It also serves to conceal the orientation of the blade to one's opponent, as to give him no hint about your own intention for the next attack.

Waki-gamae is also known as the in the five elements classification and the in the Ittō-ryū teachings.

Shidachi uses this stance in Kendo kata number 4 in response to uchidachi's hassō.


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